Jon Heyman: reliable baseball scoop-artist, snob

There’s a reason that through the years I’ve continued to check Deadspin every morning despite having less and less time to peruse sites like Deadspin. Through different editors and content and site structure, Deadspin has always been good at bringing to light items like this.

Heyman has always seemed to me to be a very tactful and reliable baseball reporter. I’ve followed him for about two years, and only today do I realize that the tone of some of his tweets would make it seem as though he’s bathing in a pile of Ben Franklin’s every night and smacking people with expensive veal cutlets when they make him angry. And thank you for this, Deadspin.

Don’t be surprised if an elitist Heyman tweet appears someday sounding something like this:

@JonHeymanCBS need to get a new dining room set. these homeless people aren’t as comfortable as the day i bought them. harder to sit on when they get real skinny. later.

  • Jon Heyman’s Tweets Make Him Seem Like the Richest Man Alive. [Deadspin]