A Guide to MLB Offseason Weight Loss

Deadspin does something interesting in the way of telling a story of the weight fluctuations of so many of those across Major League Baseball compared to last season.

This isn’t just limited to players. Mike Sciosia lost 38 pounds, topping the leader board. Pablo Sandoval is up 25 pounds. Joe Mauer is up 30.

It’s an interesting read with the short summary of how the said player dropped or gained the weight. Another shining example of why Deadspin is still a mandatory stop for us each day no matter how little time we have to peruse it.

Jay Bruce made the list for shedding 16 pounds. My buddy who follows the Reds has mentioned several times that Bruce looks “really skinny’. What Deadspin didn’t tell you from the AP link provided to tell you that Bruce tried the Paleo diet. I might have to give it a shot.

If you want to feel motivated or better about yourself depending on where you’re at on the scale right now, give this post Deadspin a read today.

  • Cardio and Pooping: A Chart of every reported MLB player who gained or lost weight this off-season. [Deadspin]