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When you see this, you know you’ve heard the Death knell for the Indians’ season

Alright, so I feel halfway bad posting this. But I am going to post it anyways for all those Cleveland Indians fans who might have had an ounce of hope left in them. Your season ended last night. J.D. Martinez took that swell kid Cody Allen out to deep center, and with it you can begin looking forward to the Browns 6-10 season that awaits them here in the fall.

I was in a fantasy football draft with about a half dozen Cleveland Indians fans when Martinez got this paydirt, and each one of them had a unique obscenity to truly capture the moment. You could tell that they too knew; deep down inside, that another Indians season will end without delivering the ultimate joy of victory.

Cleveland collapses are the most remarkable kinds of collapses.

Mike Trout put on a clinic in Cleveland tonight


Mike Trout typically saves his huge performances and moments for weekend nights when you can stay up late and enjoy them with the comfort of knowing you don’t have to work the next day. Tonight, on a work night; he decided to abuse the Cleveland Indians’ pitching staff.

Lets have a look.

First home run, on a pitch down of course to right field:

Absolute bomb to left-center on a pitch, once again down in the zone:

He also doubled off the wall in the first inning, but we’ve become so accustomed to him hitting rockets that does not list it as a highlight for the man. The Angels won the game big 9-3, and we’re proud to say we’re making the drive to Cleveland tomorrow to see Trout play live for the first time. This was the type of game that tempts a fan if you’re considering it – we’ve waited long enough to buy a ticket and see the kid from Millville.

Matt Shoemaker also added ten strikeouts in eight innings of work, he’s kind of sneaky good.

Guy in the Brown Coat goes in the Pants at yesterday’s Indians Opener in Cleveland

This video is sent to us from a good friend, former teammate and fraternity brother, and Diamond Hogger army member himself Bryan. Bryan is an Indians fan and caught a funny tidbit while waiting out the rain delay in yesterday’s Indians home opener in Cleveland.

The Indians won the game 7-2.

If anyone can provide a screenshot or distinguish any information about the whereabouts about the guy in the brown coat who went down the pants during player introductions in Cleveland yesterday, please send us an e-mail.

Baseball is Back


Today, baseball returned to the field (and there was only one collegiate team in play as an opponent).

The Reds beat their friends from around the Cuyahoga 8-3. Jay Bruce was back in right field. Joey Votto manned first base. Billy Hamilton hit lead-off and played centerfield.

Even though it was a long day at work, it seemed all was once again right with the world. Spring is on it’s way. There is a new hope arriving. As the sun shined during freezing temperatures outside today, something just felt different.

That Yasiel Puig guy went 2 for 3 as well.

The Cleveland Indians have a Playoff Game Tonight


For the first time since the 2007 ALCS have the Cleveland Indians been involved in a postseason game. It was October 21st, 2007 and they lost game seven to the Boston Red Sox – who ironically awaits them if they get by the fully loaded Tampa Rays tonight.

My buddy Justin is in Cleveland for the game. He’s excited. And it’s hard to blame him. We had so many great nights watching the Tribe do battle in the playoffs in the mid to late 90’s. Maybe this is the team who brings Cleveland it’s first title in I don’t know how long. Maybe it comes in a completely unexpected form. There’s something a little bit exciting about the possibility of that for my home state.

It’s a great night for baseball. I think the Rays are good enough to go to the World Series. This is going to be another night of high drama. Full report of the Tribe/Justin later.



The last time Jason Giambi graced the pages of the beauty of a baseball blog, we told you about our buddy Justin who has placed all his Cleveland eggs in the Indians basket.

Last night, Old Man Balls Giambi hit one of the biggest home runs in recent Cleveland sports history, a walk-off job that bailed out Chris Perez and kept the Indians in sole possession of that precious second Wildcard spot in the American League. I also want to add that our resident Indians homer (Justin) told me via phone call that the shot went off the facing of the upper deck. That’s amazing because when I watched the replay of what I’m sure is the same home run, it landed in the bullpen in right. Perhaps he was just a little excited.

Here is the text exchange from our golden boy last evening:


You gotta love the guy. It was emotional for him. He almost cried. It’s a special year. He was hunting during the birth of two of his three children – I have never seen him cry – but Jason Giambi brings out his sensitive side.

In all seriousness, the Indians are a great story and I hope they hang on this weekend. I don’t want to be on suicide watch for my friend just yet.

The Cleveland Indians went up against a bad bull tonight in Miami


[Box Score]

My buddy Justin (the obnoxious Indians fan) called me this afternoon. I asked him if he was worried about the Indians coming out flat this weekend after being on such a roll – the Indians had won eight in a row entering tonight.

Worried? Of course he wasn’t. He told me that Francona won’t allow these guys to lose to a team like Miami. They won’t come out flat.

My man, they didn’t have a choice in the matter. Jose Fernandez struck out 14 Indians tonight. Ubaldo Jimenez was exactly as I told my good friend he would be – ‘meh’.

The Tribe remains three games out of the central division and a half game out of the wild card.



This one’s for my buddy Justin – my friend who served as the best man in my wedding. My friend who; inevitably every year calls me during my workday to tell me that ‘the Indians are going to the World Series this year’ when they’re hot, and doesn’t watch them because he’s in his deer stand or some shit when they’re losing.

This is the same friend of mine who dead serious walked out of Cleveland Browns Stadium crying in his beer feeling sorry for himself mumbling about how “his football team sucks (Browns), his baseball team sucks (Indians), and his driver (Dale Jr.) sucks”. He thought the world owed him a pat on the back after the Browns screwed up a fake field goal that made all of our heads spin.

Last time I was at a baseball game with him, I was calling Giambi old and telling everyone about his old man balls. Justin took it serious and started getting hot under the collar about it. He’s sensitive about criticism to his Indians. For some reason, he loves Giambi – I assume because he does not realize you cannot build long-term around a player like Jason Giambi. It’s alright. We will let him have his dream for now. A pitch or two on that day, Giambi hit a monster home run off the hitter’s backdrop in Cincinnati and Justin began to gloat like he was Giambi’s nephew. He rubbed it in my face until Joey Votto hit a walk-off home run that day, and then Justin did not talk for the two hour car ride home.

But tonight, Justin is surprisingly nowhere to be heard from. This is mildly concerning because; normally I would have received nothing short of a dozen texts or voxers from Justin until I responded back with “your Indians are good” or “Giambi is a star” text back to him that met his approval. It would allow him to sleep soundly while still having his dream. He’s probably shooting his bow at fake deer or killing something.

Because tonight, Giambi became the oldest player in baseball history to hit a walk-off home run (42 years, 202 days), breaking the previous record held by Hank Aaron. The Indians beat the White Sox 3-2, in the bottom of the ninth.

Justin if you’re out there, I’m happy for you and your old man balls favorite player Giambles. I’m just happy you’re still interested in baseball season in nearly August and not already calling me up telling me how good the Buckeyes are going to be this year (he’s had them winning the national title for the past twenty years, you are not allowed to present argument).

UPDATE (11:06 AM ET) (He’s Fine):


LOL, look at those cocky responses. This is perfect.

More Evidence that Cleveland is as Cleveland as we said it was

It was a while back that we pointed to 10 cent beer night in Cleveland as a hallmark event that was evidence that Cleveland is the shithole of America. And I don’t care who I offended and I don’t care that many of my good friends and family members are Cleveland fans.

Here’s the latest nugget that proves Cleveland is full of shitty, bitter, crummy, scummy individuals. Poor Tanner Scheppers found out the hard way:

Rangers relief pitcher Tanner Scheppers was attacked Thursday night while getting food on a street in Cleveland.
According to Scheppers, “several young males” jumped and “sucker-punched” him.

Scheppers received a black eye and other minor injuries, and he did not make an appearance in Friday’s game against the Indians. The pitcher is also suffering from a headache.

Scheppers filed a report with police, but it’s doubtful that anyone will be caught. Police also told Scheppers that this “happens a lot.”

What a shame. Like, not just a shame that Scheppers got punched by one of the thousands of lowlifes that reside in “C-Town” but it’s really too bad that this story couldn’t be about one of those grumpy old prick ushers who works at Progressive Field getting what he’s had coming to him. That’s right. What he had coming to him since the day he kicked some innocent little kids out of the lower level for trying to get a close glimpse of the field before a game. Those Progressive Field ushers are the biggest dicks in baseball, and that is taking into account the shitheads who are involved in this game like Doug Eddings, Alex Rodriguez, and even Ryan Braun. Those ushers up there by the lake are the biggest hemorrhoids I’ve ever encountered in my life; they hate any source of joy or fun.

I’m ashamed to admit that many moons ago I actually owned Browns season tickets and traveled to that cesspool of a city every Sunday, until I realized what a huge downer in my week that it was. And it wasn’t just the Browns losing. It was very much my fellow fans and the way they acted. For a mutt like me to call it a disgrace, well that’s how you know that I saw some really screwed up things.

Like the fans who take it so seriously that they called my wife a bitch and threw a beer at her head because she wore a Giants shirt the night they played the G-Men on Monday Night Football. I’ll never forget that moment when every ounce of me hoped the Giants would kick their ass and send that stadium of losers home to cry in their shacks for another week – all while wearing my Brady Quinn jersey which is as worthless as soiled toilet paper now (like every Browns jersey the consumer is stupid enough to spend money on). It’s too bad it didn’t work out that night.

I knew at that moment that Cleveland sports just weren’t for me and that I wanted NOTHING to do with the association of that city, that team, or anything of the like ever again. It was the best decision I’ve ever made – though I did return back after that and had to walk away from multiple fights with several Browns fans who had too many beers and wanted to extract anger on someone when the Browns had come up just short.

I said it last year at this time and I’ll say it again because this is my place to say it: have fun with your Brandon Weeden this year, you loser Browns fans. You’re going to get just what you deserve in the form of yet another 6-10 season where all your hopes and dreams and ignorant preseason talk of playoffs gets flushed down the shitter just like your city has been so many times over. So everyone remember to get excited when “bum knee/ankle/everything” Trent Richardson runs for his 68 yards per game and cracks the 1,000 yard barrier; you turds. It’s not like you have any semblance of a star, anywhere. Ever.

I hope Yu Darvish strikes out 17 Indians tonight and ruins your Saturday night, Cleveland. You’re about as much fun as a bag of dicks. I hate Cleveland.

Rank Relief: Cleveland goes Cleveland

Shaw hides his face after Hosmer ties the game with a double
Shaw hides his face after Hosmer ties the game with a double

The Cleveland Indians had been having a fairly nice year compared to expectations.  After today they are trailing the Royals by a half game.  It looked like Cleveland was in line for a win after Carlos Carrasco worked 7 shutout innings.  The 8th inning proved to be a little trickier.  After putting a man on second, Carrasco exited, leaving Bryan Shaw to shut the door.  He did not.  An Eric Hosmer double tied the game.  And then in the 9th Cleveland goes Cleveland by giving up the winning run on a wild pitch – courtesy of Matt Albers.  Not a great way to leave the field.  Lets detail the mess.

RR 6.17 - 2

RR 6.17 - 3


You Forget How Close They Came

I know Cleveland has often been the subject of my ridicule – and it’s deserved. But there was a time in my life when I dabbled in Cleveland Indians baseball. Admittedly, as an early teenager it was hard not to get sucked into the 1996-2000 Cleveland Indians. I studied tape of Manny Ramirez’s swing and tried to model my offensive approach after him; hitting to all fields. Plus the Reds were floundering and the Tribe was in the playoffs every year.

The height of this crush was the 1997 Indians. No team ever came so close without actually delivering. Which brings about the question: would it be better to have never even made it to this spot at all? It might have been.

But it’s easy to forget how close the Indians actually were. That’s what I realized as I wasted about three hours yesterday breaking down this game and revisiting the agony of that night all over again. I was so heartbroken over it I actually cried after the game as Charles Nagy sat on the mound in disbelief.

Everyone who watched this game remembers Edgar Renteria’s game-winning, flip single into centerfield that scored that little no-talent ass clown Craig Counsell. Everyone remembers Tony Fernandez’s error that set everything up, including him being the scapegoat you remember.

But watch the top of the ninth inning. The Indians have a chance to go up 3-1 and make Jaret Wright the hero forever. Except Renteria goes to the plate on a sharp ground ball hit to him instead of going for the double play, nailing Sandy Alomar Jr. (who didn’t attempt to slide) at the plate. If Renteria doesn’t go home with that ball – if he tries a double play there to end the inning and the Indians get that third run – they end up World Champions.

Then make sure you watch that agonizing bottom of the ninth where the Marlins tie the game on Counsell’s sacrifice fly. Jose Mesa allows a flip single to Moises Alou. Then he strikes out Bobby Bonilla. They’re so close you can feel it. People were popping champagne in Cleveland by this point. Bob Costas frames the moment so eloquently to try to make you forget it’s Cleveland and Florida playing on the game’s grandest of stages.

The camera pans to Mike Hargrove; and he appears to be talking to himself. Going through every little situation in his mind. By this time he surely knows what is to come. He hangs his head after a few moments, before the camera focuses closely in on Jose Mesa; who is about to blow the save in the biggest game of his life.

On a 1-2 count; after relying on exclusively fastballs to get ahead of a light hitting catcher Charles Johnson, Mesa actually does the smart thing. He throws a slider on the outside part of the dish. It’s a pitcher’s pitch. Johnson slashes it into right field to an actual hustling Manny Ramirez. Bob Costas tells us the obvious – that there’s no play – and Alou slides into third. The slide has begun itself. The toothpaste cannot be put back into the tube. Cleveland is going to blow this now, it’s just a matter of how.

The camera shows Mesa, looking exhausted already. It then goes quickly to Hargrove who is wearing an expression mixed of panic and anguish. Then you see him. One of the smallest World Series heroes there ever was. It’s Counsell. The rookie out of Notre Dame. His awkward and memorable stance not fully evolved into what it would just yet. He still looks like a kid Craig Counsell and not the Counsell you probably remember bouncing around towards the latter part of his career.

Grover is rocking and nodding his head. He’s telling himself that this is really happening, but this can’t be happening. We were two outs away. We’re still two outs away. But exactly that – this has already taken on a life of it’s own and the dream is over by now. Young Jim Leyland adjusts his glasses. Counsell slashes a ball on a line to right field. It looks like it could be over right there. It’s probably one of the hardest balls he’s ever hit in his life. But no, they will play on at least a little longer. Somehow, Manny Ramirez is there and he’s waiting on it. Ramirez makes the catch lazily jogging after it somehow; just as he always seemed to be able to do. But game seven of the World Series is tied.

And here we are, some 16 long years later. The Indians have never gotten that close again. No Cleveland team has been that close in fact. And we press on in our lives, with the lives of many whose hope was lost that night at Joe Robbie Stadium already ended. We all wonder if Cleveland will ever get another shot. But as the days go on and we are further apart from the actual moments within this game, it’s easy to forget how close Cleveland actually was to really winning it all. So close that even watching this noir, you almost find yourself hoping for a different outcome for them. Even though it’s inevitable.

The Memorial Day that Belonged to Joey Votto and the Reds


I’ve been to what seems like hundreds of baseball games. After being at today’s Indians-Reds game, I’ll never forget the Memorial Day game-winning home run that I saw a future Hall of Famer hit with my wife and our two friends (unfortunate for them, they are Indians fans).

Take a look at the home run and the context of it so you can gain a full appreciation of how incredible it really was.

I got texts after Votto hit the home run that he was actually choked up off the knob of the bat. He hit it into the opposite field stands – something he does often but isn’t appreciated enough. He hit it off a left-handed reliever. And of course, as soon as it left the bat you knew that the hometown team was going to win the ballgame. It wasn’t a walk-off shot, but teams don’t come back from the kind of home run that Votto hit earlier today. It was the baseball equivalent of the dagger. Every Indians fan in the park knew it.

For all the talk of prospects and Trouts and Cabrera’s and Harper’s and players around baseball, the Reds have one of the best two or three in the entire game playing at their park and he’s going to be there for another decade.

It felt like about 95 degrees in the right field Sun Deck today and I thought we were going to be sitting there a while after Jason Giambi demolished this ball off the centerfield batter’s eye to tie the game 2-2.

So the pools are all open. Memorial Day happened. Summer is here. I saw the Redlegs win 4-2 today, and 5-2 on Saturday with my wife, dad and sister.

The lasting image that will stay with me from the weekend was Joey Votto in that cool camouflage uniform, leaving another opponent in his wake.

Rank Relief: Maybe Chris Perez’s job is really safe

RR 5.25 - 1
Dustin Pedroia smacks a run scoring double to plate the ultimate winning run

Unexpectedly, the Indians have been having a great season, but so have the Boston Red Sox.  The Indians had a comfortable lead going into the 8th and Vinnie Pestano stepped in to get 3 outs (obviously).  Pestano is oft mentioned as an imminent threat to closer Chris Perez’s job.  Not like this though.  He gave up hits to the likes up Pedro Ciriaco, Matt Carp, and Daniel Nava.

RR 5.25 - 2

Giving up 3 doubles, a single, and 2 walks is a good way to give up 4 runs and keep the closer’s job safe.  The Indians have the lineup to score runs, but the big question will be if the pitching can hold up for the whole season.


2013 Cleveland Indians Team Preview













So I was trying to start this preview off by harkening back to the last glory days of Cleveland in the mid 90’s so I searched for “Indians team picture 1997″, and this was one of the top results with no team picture in sight. I guess it is pretty fitting seeing as how this is a preview of a Cleveland sports team.  Well…the Indians never could turn that talent in the mid 90s into a championship and haven’t come close since.  There has been some serious talent come through Cleveland during that time including Cliff Lee, CC Sabathia, Grady Sizemore (pre-injury), Bart Colon, Victor Martinez, Brandon Pihillips, etc.  I’m sure that lists grates at Cleveland fans thinking about what might have been.  Well Cleveland spent the off season trying to fill the talent gap again and they’ve done a pretty good job at doing so.

So what did they do?

Major Off-Season Moves:

  • Signed OF Michael Bourn
  • Signed OF/DH Nick Swisher
  • Acquired OF Drew Stubbs via trade from Reds
  • Acquired SP Trevor Bauer in same trade from Diamondbacks
  • Signed 1B/3B Mark Reynolds from Orioles
  • Signed SP Brett Myers

No one can accuse Cleveland of resting on their laurels this off season.  Although their laurels weren’t that good, so why would anyone rest on them.  Whoa…that last sentenced confused me – ignore it please.  They signed two serious impact free agents in Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher.  Teams were shying away from Micahel Bourn because of the new draft pick compensation rules for free agents and I think an underlying concern that his legs will begin to deteriorate and his game along with it.  As it stands now he’s a great CF and one the best on the bases in the majors.  Nick Swisher has never had a star label but his consistently produces at a good clip.  Drew Stubbs and Trevor Bauer were two young players who needed changes of scenery.  Although as we pointed out in our Diamondbacks preview, the Bauer one doesn’t make sense.  Mark Reynolds and Brett Myers are veteran plugs that the Indians needed to fill out their rosters.

A deeper look at the offense after the jump. Continue reading