The 2017 Baseball Game of the Year

[Red Sox 12, Indians 10]
[Joy of Sox]

Full disclosure: I didn’t watch this game. I didn’t see a single pitch. But I got texts from all my friends in baseball nation, enough mobile notifications, and saw enough tweets to know just how crazy it was.

Christian Vazquez won this game with a three-run walk off job. This came after the Indians jumped out to a 5-0 lead off Chris Sale that went up in flames when Jekyll Carlos Carrasco pulled his usual bullshit.

The Vazquez bomb came after Craig Kimbrel surrendered a bomb to Francisco Lindor to tie the game 9-9. The game has to get run here because; it was clearly the best baseball game of this entire season. And I missed the damn things. I just can’t bare to watch the Indians right now. They bother the shit out of me (I can’t put my finger on it).

This is of course foreshadowing; these two teams are going to meet in the ALDS in October in a series that is sure to be a barn-burner for several reasons. The Red Sox look to avenge last year’s upset and David Ortiz’s last ride in Boston.

These two teams are both good; but flawed-good. They don’t have the same flaws but they both aren’t without them. It’s going to make for an entertaining series that is sure to have some whacky endings and probably goes five games. I can’t wait to see it.

And after a Chris Sale-Corey Kluber tilt that opens the series, both rotations are shitshows. Both lineups kind of slump and peak with irregularity. It’s going to be something to remember, just like this game was.