Rockies News: Colorado Has Nolan Arenado Pissed Off

It seems like poor organizations – right now the Colorado Rockies – will always do things poorly. Instead of building around foundation centerpiece Nolan Arenado, the Rockies spent the off-season pissing him off. Now, Arenado is sounding off through the media on ‘disrespect’ from the general manager Jeff Bridich.

Thomas Harding writes for and has the full story.

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After general manager Jeff Bridich told the Denver Post that he expected to begin 2020 “with Nolan in the purple and black and as our third baseman. So we can put this to bed …,” Arenado reacted via text to

“There’s a lot of disrespect from people there that I don’t want to be a part of,” Arenado said in a text. “You can quote that.”

In reaction to Bridich’s announcement, Arenado elaborated.

“You ask what I thought of Jeff’s quotes and I say I don’t care what people say around there,” Arenado said. “There is a lot of disrespect.”

Asked what was said that he found particularly disrespectful, Arenado said, “No. I won’t get into the details.”

Arenado clarified his statement later, adding, “I’m not mad at the trade rumors. There’s more to it.”

When reached via text, Bridich said he would respond soon to Arenado’s comment.

This is so bad. Bridich is leading the clown show right now in Colorado and into the future. It seems like just yesterday the Rockies did the right thing in extending Arenado to a long-term contract offer. Now they have spent all off-season trying to trade the guy. And for what? I’ve said many times, you’re not going to find a better player than Arenado in another lifetime. Especially in any return, they probably wouldn’t get a player of this caliber in trade.

Now it will be interesting to learn what the disrespect really was.