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Trevor Story hit another one today….


My late Sunday afternoon (and intuitive thought) went a little like this:

Make dinner for my kid, make sure the food was cut small enough kid doesn’t choke, check MLB app on phone to see what’s going on in Rockies game/find Trevor Story in the box score….. nothing….. he’s 0 for 2…. surely he’s done…. he might not hit another one…… the six home runs he already hit were an aberration… don’t get excited… he’s done hitting them…. get the coloring book out with kid…. make sure she doesn’t eat crayons like she always tries…. check phone again to see what Trevor Story has done….. oh shit, she’s eating a piece of the red crayon…. change poopy diaper…. give kid a bath…. watch Frozen songs on iPhone with the kid so she doesn’t scream but need to check what Story is up to in Colorado….. check MLB app in the middle of her favorite song to see what Story has done and she screams bloody murder – can’t blame her…. Story still hitless.

And just as I put her to bed, a friend texts me “who does Story think he is? A-Rod”. Trevor Story of course hit his SEVENTH friggin’ home run of the season this afternoon in the Rockies win. The Rockies announcers are affectionately calling it ‘Story Time’ (awww) when he homers now. It’s a thing.

This is completely incredible, obviously. We aren’t going to do a post every time this kid homers because we aren’t going to be able to keep up with him. But he’s definitely piqued our interest in a big way. And this is a great story – no pun.

Maybe the Rockies can have nice things after all.

Trevor Story’s Record Setting Debut Week (that I was too tired to write about)


We got a bit lazy, but we aren’t going to completely miss this one. Trevor Story hit two more home runs today at Coors Field; totaling now six on the young season. The game of baseball has never seen this before, and this post was due last night when he was sitting on four.

The curiosity is growing in just what we have here. Is it the next Chris Shelton tale in baseball – or do we have a guy who is going to put up Tulo numbers (in his rookie season) in an environment that seemingly creates a brand new slugger every year?

We don’t do a ton of Rockies posts. It has to be something pretty special for them to get run time. But through the first five days of the season, this is absolutely the biggest story in all of baseball.

Fangraphs says it’s irresponsible to get excited about it all. We disagree slightly. It’s hard to believe that with all the great talents at shortstop in the game, Story has emerged as the Alpha dog in the 2016 season.

Corey Dickerson traded from Colorado to Tampa Bay


So I guess the rumors out there about Corey Dickerson being on the move weren’t just talk after all. The Colorado Rockies dealt Corey Dickerson to the Tampa Bay Rays – where he assuredly will become a less exciting offensive player – and the deal was centered around the return of LHP reliever Jake McGee.

Poor Rockies fans. I think it’s good for baseball when the Colorado Rockies are relevant. They interest and excite me more than a team like say; the Giants. They play in one of the best parks in all of baseball. They have some good young talent. We want them to be good again. They’re fresh.

This trade is a perfect example that they have no direction, and they’re wasting the primes of Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez and really any young player with a bright future on their roster.

And here’s why this deal made little sense:

At age 27 he’s still making the minimum salary and is under team control through 2019, although with a career OPS of 1.085 in Colorado compared to .695 on the road it’s unclear what type of hitter the Rays are actually getting. In his lone full, healthy season Dickerson hit .312 with 24 homers and a .931 OPS for the Rockies in 2014.

McGee has been one of the best left-handed relievers in baseball since debuting in 2010, logging a total of 260 innings with a 2.77 ERA and 319 strikeouts. However, he’s starting to get expensive via the arbitration process with a $4.8 million salary for 2016 and McGee will be a free agent after the 2017 season.

McGee is a fantastic, high-impact reliever, but it’s unclear why the rebuilding Rockies of all teams need an expensive 29-year-old reliever two seasons from free agency or why they signed the 29-year-old Parra to get that ball rolling.

I really like Jake McGee, and maybe there are concerns on the inside of the organization about Dickerson staying healthy or something; or the Rockies feel that he was about to drop off in a big way. It just seems there could ave been better returns out there than a lefty reliever.

Now you have two once-intriguing fantasy baseball players who are slightly less valuable. At least our Rockies post quota is fulfilled early on in the year.

Mike Trout’s Onslaught of Coors Field this past week

This should have been up on the blog a lot earlier in the week, but hey we’ve been busy. Mike Trout played a short two game slate at Coors Field this past week. What follows is the carnage he left in his wake.

Mike Trout is already superhuman. When you drop him in a run-scoring environment like Coors Field, he morphs into a mutant and shit like this happens.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Coors Field Bomb becomes his newest ‘longest home run’


[Box Score]

In his career in the Rocky Mountains, Giancarlo Stanton has eight home runs, a .362 average, and an OPS of 1.351.

Drop Giancarlo Stanton in Coors Field, against Eddie Butler; and this is the type of mayhem that happens in the chemistry experiment:

It was a 484 foot bomb when it landed – and once again Giancarlo Stanton has the longest home run of the season; this of course happens over again every time he hits one, or so it seems.

If you’re happy about exit speed and those types of things, the ball was clocked at 110 MPH and change. That means in layman’s terms that Giancarlo Stanton hit the piss out of it. Literally.

Good to also see the Miami Marlins win three in a row. And how about Eddie Butler; is there a guy in the big leagues more juicy right now? He’ll be enjoying AAA Albuquerque pretty soon one would think.

Does Troy Tulowitzki want out of Colorado?


Of course if you’re following your baseball news like a good scholar, you heard that Troy Tulowitzki will meet with the team with his agent present tomorrow to explore possibilities of his exit plan from Colorado. He has six years remaining and over $100 million dollars on his current contract from an extension signed in 2010. Unless the Rockies can talk the shortstop down from the ledge, it sounds like it could end badly.

I thought it may be more smoke than anything until I heard Peter Gammons on MLB Network after work tonight. I’m paraphrasing a bit here:

I talked to Troy Tulowitzki in the offseason and he mentioned in the thin Colorado air how hard it is to recover; how hard it is to keep your body healthy and get your career back on track. I would like to see him go to St. Louis and I think he would like to come to a situation where he goes elsewhere.

Hey now, Petey has never really blown smoke. When he reports something like that, the conversation was had and it’s pretty much the gospel. He also mentioned things like Mike Hampton needing an oxygen chamber for recovery in between starts.

This is the first I’ve heard of players complaining of of not being able to recover while playing in Denver, but as you think about it; it may hold some levity.

Coors Field is just a major pain in the ass in general. Sure, it’s fun with all the offense and such; I like high-scoring games as much as the next guy. But the bottom line is this franchise will have trouble ever building much of anything long-term. You’ll never get a pitcher to come there via free agency, you’ll never be able to construct any type of pitching staff, and now guys are saying they can’t recover from injuries due to the altitude.

I am glad I wasn’t born into being a Rockies fan. Oh, and by the way they’re in the midst of a ten game losing streak.

Yesterday was Javier Baez Day.


[Box Score]

Javier Baez career game number one got off to a great start. After the Cubs’ closer Hector Rondon blew an 11th inning lead, it was time for the heavy dramatics. Javier Baez’s first big league hit left the park and won the game for the Cubbies out in Colorado.

An amazing beginning. A great sign. We think he’ll be a .250 hitter here at best for a while but he’s going to hit some mistakes out because the power is real

We typically post a heavily-touted prospect’s scouting report before wishing him well in his big league debut. There are no great scouting reports on Baez out there on the internet for free, so you don’t get that today.

Clayton Kershaw brings more storied history to Los Angeles with one of the greatest games thrown since 1913


[No Hitter Box Score]

[LA Times] [Dodgers Digest]

I watch the Dodgers almost every night. Last night I was feeling rather tired from an early morning start, and I passed out in about the third inning; before history started to weave a magical web.

Wouldn’t you know that I missed it all. I missed the finest game thrown in 100 years, waking up in the middle of the night to a swarm of ESPN alert texts about the historic game that Kershaw threw.

I’ve got to document it here. It was one of the greatest games ever thrown. It ranks right there with Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout performance one-hitter from back when we were in high school.

I hate myself not just for missing Kershaw’s game, but for missing Vin Scully calling it. This was probably one of the last great moments that Scully will tell the story for up in the booth.

Sure, the Rockies weren’t at full-strength. But they are a formidable lineup who has actually handled Kershaw very well as a group. That it went down in Dodger Stadium on a Wednesday night in June; well that just shows why this sport is so amazing.

It can grab you, sweep you up, captivate you at any moment because just that quickly and randomly it can be so magical.

Clayton Kershaw has the first no-hitter of his career. None of the youngsters were awake to see it, just like back in April of 1993 when Chris Bosio threw his no-hitter at the Kingdome; I remembered hearing about the big deal the next morning but I was fast asleep when he completed it.

Magic in a Time Capsule forever:

‘Chicken Soup’ Rosario is doing what he does best tonight; sitting on the roost

Baby Bull? More like Sitting Bull.
Baby Bull? More like Sitting Bull.

I owned Wilin Rosario last year in fantasy baseball, and I have to say it opened my eyes to one of the few things in baseball I apparently had been missing. This fuckin’ guy gets A LOT of days off where he’s not in the lineup. Seriously, he makes Bryce Harper look like an everyday player.

I meant to do this post two days ago, when Rosario got the night off after catching a whole six innings the night prior. I missed the boat, but I didn’t stress out about it; because you see I knew that Wilin Rosario would be sitting again soon. Tonight, that moment came once again.

I honestly wanted to put Walt Weiss in a very foreign choke hold of sorts last season because Rosario would be starting to get hot, and slated to face a left-handed pitcher at Coors Field. And then Walt Weiss would pull Rosario out of the lineup because he had a cold or needed his rest, etc.

It was absolutely mind-numbing. I wish I was exaggerating to tell you that Rosario seemed to play about three to four days a week on average in his good weeks. That was when he didn’t have an infected wisdom tooth, common cold, pulled hamstring, viral infection, water fungus on his fuckin’ elbow, day game after a night game, or asshole Weiss just sitting him because he played two days in a row.

I honestly got into the habit of rostering two catchers in fantasy baseball to safeguard against ‘Chicken Soup’ Rosario; and I am so thankful I did it because I was rewarded with Jonathan Lucroy this year late-round (lucked into that one) but this year with Lucroy and the Cather Du’ Jour on the roster I really don’t have a need for two catchers because Lucroy plays every night.

Look – I get that Rosario is a terrible defensive catcher – but his days off are absolutely excessive. Even though he has the immune system of a man with a T-Cell count of 12; I think it would be reasonable if he was in the lineup just a little bit more often.

Chicken Soup Rosario, sitting on his roost again. Watching over his flock of Rockies.

Even in defeat, Yasiel Puig’s Friday Night Dodger Stadium Bomb thrilled me


I rolled with Yasiel Puig (and Adrian Gonzalez) with a lot of confidence in yesterday’s Daily Fantasy $100,000 Big Score on DraftStreet. I had a feeling all week that late in the night, Yasiel Puig was going to do something big to help me. He profiles as that kind of player. My spider senses were partially correct:

Look at that swing of beauty. Look at where that ball lands. It’s not a moonshot, but it was to a decent part of those yellow bleacher in right-center. Puig has underrated power. I just love watching this guy play. You just knew with a guy out there like Jeremy Lyles (and Lyles has handled himself decently this year) something like this was bound to happen.

The Dodgers would lose the game 5-4 in 11 innings. They’re in a bit of a slide losing four of their last five at home.

We have a nickname for the #1 overall player in Fantasy Baseball Charlie Blackmon


A few weeks back some unheralded, bearded gnome went 6 for 6 in a Coors Field Friday game. On that day something special was born. We get the feeling watching Blackmon each night that this little run he has going on could last all year long. Sure, he’ll slump like every hitter does. His BABIP isn’t going to remain a sterling .391 all season – congratulations to you numbers guys for your ‘out on a limb’ proclamation there.

But the Rockies have a good lineup. And they play in Coors Field half the time. If you have a mind like a steal-trap, you might remember what we said about Coors Field and it’s effect on a Rockies hitter every so often back in our 2014 Rockies Team preview:

Anyone here watch WWE wrestling? You know how Vince McMahon can kind of just create a star out of whoever he wants? That’s kind of what Coors Field does for certain offensive players seemingly with it’s imaginary hand.

[talks about Rockies hitters, doesn’t mention Blackmon]

But one of these guys we aren’t talking about will see their numbers jump exponentially. One of these guys is going to be a waiver pick-up in your fantasy league, and they’re going to help a league-mate in a big way.

And wouldn’t you know, that 2014 and Coors Field has chosen Charlie Blackmon. He’s going to do this all year long barring an injury. He’s going to be the little turd that’s been polished into one of the top players in fantasy baseball.

But enough of the touting – lets get to the nickname. We play in a fantasy league with a colorful character who remarked last year that ‘he was always finding the next great porn star off the waiver wire while the rest of us in the league were always finding washed-up crackwhores’. Didn’t he put it nicely?

This has led us to embrace it to a degree and give Charlie Blackmon the name that best fits him. Charlie Blackmon will from now on be known as ‘The Aging Porn Star’. That’s right folks. He’s got a few more feature films left in him in 2014 before he turns to interracial and once he gives that up he’ll never be heard from again. The year 2014 is Charlie Blackmon’s one shot at the title. You take one look at him and you know he’s not built for a 10-year career. You know he’s not going to go down as a Rockies great. His star will burn bright and it will burn quick but then he’ll be into obscurity and never heard from again. He’s got the shelf-life of a porn star, and thus the greatest nickname he’s ever been given.

With him and Big Cuban Stud Jose Abreu, my fantasy team will remain near the top once again.

And to Hell with those shrimp dicks like Tristan H. Cockroft leaving our Aging Pornstar off their Top-250 list for the rest of the year. Come play in a league with me Tristan. Not like we expect someone from ESPN to know anything about an aging Porn Star who is west of the eastern time zone anyways.

Meet A.J. Pollock, baseball’s biggest Doofus

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 10.41.15 AM

So 99.9% percent of the time you turn on a television and you see guys who are supremely talented, coordinated, and gifted. That other 0.01%? Well that’s A.J. Pollock.

Pollock first caught my attention because I was the lucky winner of his services for $1 in a deep Ottoneu auction league. I figured he could be depended upon to play against left-handed pitching. He’s in an underrated lineup, and he’ll get regular at-bats; I thought to myself.

Well Pollock has started the season hitting .156, commonly missing 88 MPH left-handed fastballs down the middle of the plate. He’s just all forms of awful and I wonder what a talent evaluator saw in the guy. I can’t help it.

He’s pictured here in last night’s game – of course he volleyed a ball hit by Nolan Arenado over the fence for a home run. Pollock can’t just get out of his own way.

You watch a guy like Mike Trout for a couple of innings and then you change the channel to the A.J. Pollock show and you’re left wondering whether or not it’s the same league.

Pollock will probably be teaching 8th grade Earth Science in his hometown in two years.

Colorado Rockies 2014 Team Preview


At the beginning of last year’s Rockies preview post you were forewarned that there wouldn’t be a surplus of Rockies’ posts on this blog during the season. We told you to enjoy it. We said this for a few reasons. The Rockies have some nice players, but they don’t contain a generational talent on the roster. That’s one way to get us writing about you. We also cover the ‘hot’ teams in baseball more often, the teams that intrigue us are the teams that are going to promote to to click around and read about them. The Rockies in their current state, fail to do that. Unless the Rockies surprisingly springboard into contention in 2014 – it’s going to be another year thin on Rockies posts. But that’s okay, because it’s only March and we’re a third of the way to our total Rockies posts for 2013 with this one.

The Rockies made a couple of trades and quiet signings of some veterans this off-season.

Major Off-season Moves:

  • Signed RHP LaTroy Hawkins to a one-year, $2.5 million dollar contract.
  • Traded Dexter Fowler to Houston for RHP Jordan Lyles and outfielder Brandon Barnes.
  • Traded for LHP Drew Pomeranz to Oakland for LHP Brett Anderson.
  • Signed First Baseman Justin Morneau to a two-year, $12.5-million dollar contract.

Their manager is Walt Weiss, who went 74-88 in his debut season. This was good enough for last place in the NL West. Last year was somewhat of a milestone year for the Rockies, but only because it was their 20th year in baseball. It’s gone by fast. It also marked their 18th season at that gem Coors Field – which we somehow consider to be a shiny new park.

The Rockies struggled in interleague play going just 5-15 last season. They boasted a winning record against divisional foes San Diego (12-7) and division winner Los Angeles (10-9). Last season featured the debuts of Nolan Arenado and Corey Dickerson. It’s hard to say if either of these guys will be iconic Rockies at this point, but 2014 should hold a slightly better fate for Colorado. One thing is for sure: when your team visits Coors Field at any point in the spring or summer, you know there’s a chance that some crooked numbers are going to get hung on the scoreboard on both sides. That always makes the Rockies a compelling watch and reason enough to leave the game on if you’re cycling through what’s available on

Continue reading Colorado Rockies 2014 Team Preview

Game 58, 2013: Reds 3, Rockies 0

Jay Bruce HR 9

[Box Score]

It was one of my favorite Cincinnati games of the entire year last night. The Reds kept things quiet for the Colorado offense, and got a big game out of Jay Bruce on a night when not a lot of other guys hit.

Bruce was in the clean-up spot in Brandon Phillips’ absence to face Tyler Chatwood. Bruce put on a clinic last night with three hits. His first one was a line drive single to right field. His second was a beautiful opposite field single on an 0-2 count with the shift on. And his third, well that was the best of all.

And you have to give Bronson Arroyo a little credit for his eight shutout innings. I didn’t think he could do that to a lineup like Colorado’s in a ballpark like Great American. He’s more solid than anyone; myself included, gives him credit for.

I was so content with the way the Reds played last night – a quick, clean ballgame – that I listened to the 700 WLW postgame while walking my dog around the neighborhood late night.

As it so often is, Aroldis Chapman striking out the side in the ninth inning was the perfect cherry on top of a crisp, clean ballgame.

Look at this absolute moonshot from Jay Bruce, his 9th home run of the year. Ths kind of put the game away.

It’s just now summer, and the Reds are starting to treat their fans to nice things.