Los Angeles Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Wins 2019 NL MVP Award

[Dodgers Nation]

Cody Bellinger did it, he’s the 2019 National League Most Valuable Player. Furthermore, I had the pleasure of watching the guy night-in and night-out in 2019. Without question, he did something on most nights that was other-worldy.

Obviously, winning an MVP is the highest distinction and individual award that a player can earn. Simply, it’s the gold-standard; there is a certain level of legacy cemented once a player has won the award. Certainly, Bellinger should be looked at as one of the elite few in the game of baseball; and the greatness of his 2019 season can never be taken away from him.

Therefore, how did Bellinger win this award?

First, he ended the season with a .305/406/.629 slash line. This was good for a 1.035 OPS to go along with 47 home runs, 115 RBI, 108 walks and 121 runs. Also, he stole 15 bases in 20 attempts.

Second, he finished with a bWAR of 9.0; which will go down as one of the highest bWAR seasons for a position player in Dodgers’ history. Third, he won the gold glove and displayed his defensive skills at three different positions regularly for the Dodgers in 2019.

While watching him win the hardware, I was with my dad. Of course, this is special because my dad and I watched Bellinger’s first game together. It seemed like he homered every time my dad was over that summer of 2017, and he became my dad’s Dodger before he was my favorite player.

Therefore when Bellinger mentioned that his dad and him – that it was emotional just because he was with his dad and this is ‘what you dream of’ – it reminded me that it’s still a game of fathers and sons.

Bellinger won the vote over Christian Yelich and Anthony Rendon by getting 19 first-place votes.

Finally, I’ll never forget Bellinger’s 2019 season. His age-23 season was one of his most incredible ever. For the first time, I watched an MVP play every single night in a season; and to me, he really did look like the best in the game despite cooling off down the stretch.

Mike Trout won his third MVP of his career tonight. I think by age-28 Bellinger has an outside shot of having three of his own.