Giancarlo is on the Board…

[Box Score]

Alright, how bad is it to admit we like the Miami Marlins? We’ve been watching them, secretly rooting for them; we like some parts of their roster. It mostly goes back to them losing Jose Fernandez – we would love to see them somehow succeed in the face of all this adversity. And we have always loved Giancarlo Stanton.

He’s looked good this season. His first home run(s) finally came last night. He gave us both the moonshot, and the line drive variety:

The Marlins pen would squander the lead late. They lost 5-4. They seem to play hard, spirited, inspired baseball. How long it may last is anyone’s guess.

Also today, there was a really good read on ESPN about Jeffrey Loria by Jerry Crasnick that gives you a look at the Marlins owner you may never have seen before.

The Marlins remain our guilty pleasure.