Sunday Night Baseball Thor

I told my wife tonight that Noah Syndergaard was the one guy in baseball I would tune in to watch pitch right now. Anyone else I can really take it or leave it. I don’t like pitchers.

He was on the bump tonight in New York at Citi Field, and he was as advertised. He struck out nine hitters against the Miami Marlins and walked no one; going seven innings for his first win of the season. He featured something insane like 30 pitches over 97 MPH. He’s must-watch television right now.

He went through the heart of the Marlins order and didn’t allow a single hit to their two through six hitters.

Truly unique talent in the game right now that should be recognized; this is what it was like when Doc Gooden or somebody of that stature got the ball back in the 80’s. And like I said, it should be recognized. Even if he’s a pitcher.

Mets win 5-2, Jay Bruce and Michael Conforto also homered in this game.