Yesterday in Boston was high drama

Daniel Nava

Yesterday’s Red Sox game at Fenway Park in the wake of tragedy provided some theater you can’t get with a Hollywood script. All day long the Red Sox were trying to come out of a hole against James Shields. Things looked in doubt for most of the afternoon. The whole way I had the feeling someone would end up a hero.

Neil Diamond hit the field to do Sweet Caroline live – although it wasn’t the most sparkling rendition of the song I’ve ever heard it was certainly a nice gesture of Diamond to be there on his own admission.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Daniel Nava was the hero. The Red Sox escaped with a win in what was a majestic win. I would suggest it was one of the bigger regular season wins to ever take place at Fenway Park. If Nava never gets another big hit in his life, he’s still forever a huge folk hero in Beantown history.

The Red Sox sent an emotional but electric home crowd home winners with a 4-3 victory. The victory was their 9th in a row. In a Saturday that featured a lot of exciting baseball, this was the crown jewel.