Francisco Liriano IcyHot Award: Jon Lester

The pained look on Lester’s face is shared by Red Sox nation right now.

Jon Lester just isn’t the same guy anymore.  After starting the year on a decent streak, he’s been nothing but terrible over the past month. His previous six starts, he gave up earned runs of 5,4,4,3,7,5.  Yikes.  This week brought the 7 and 5 numbers.  He’s taken losses in 4 out is last six starts with no wins.  I know the Red Sox are in 1st place, but I don’t see how they hold on with Lester, supposedly the staff ace, pitching like this.  Lester gets the award this week for being Icy cold on the mound.  He racked up an 11.17 ERA and a 2.48 WHIP.  The amazing part is that he was striking guys out.  11 Ks in 9 innings.  Usually if your missing bats, you can manage to not give up 7 earned runs in a game.  Maybe next week.

FL 6.17