Throwing it around

It’s a sunny, beautiful June 1st day here in Central Ohio that makes you want to go to the pool or play golf. I’m in an office with no windows, but it’s still hard not to recognize a picture perfect day when you’re given it. Here’s a few scribes and shoutouts that I wanted to give linkage to during the lunchtime hour:

-Joakim Soria’s success came and went almost unexplained. [Joe Posnanski]
-Happy 3rd birthday to our friends over at ‘The Bobbys’. [The Bobby Classifieds]
-Happy Birthday (belated) to our brethren at Off-Base. [Off Base Percentage]
-Kind of a cool thing: ESPN is drafting a first round of franchise players, live right now. [ESPN]
-How does Adam Dunn fit with the Chicago White Sox? [FanGraphs]
-Clint Hurdle, grossface. [Deadspin]
-Bill Simmons, on Macho Man Randy Savage. [ESPN Page 2]