Throwing it around

Happy Monday, we hope. Here’s some links that should brighten your day as a baseball fan:

-Another franchise player draft, but we put more stock into this one than the one ESPN did. [FanGraphs]
-Jason Heyward hit off a tee! [Sporting News]
-The Phillies trade options are limited. Thank goodness. [
-How about that gem that Tommy Hanson threw yesterday? [Talking Chop]
-The Rays got an inside the park homer from Evan Longoria in yesterday’s win over the Orioles. [DRays Bay]
-A day in honor of Mike Moustakas, it will forever be June 10th. [The Golden Sombrero]
-The Brewers swept the Cardinals and vaulted into 1st place in the NL Central over the weekend. [Milwaukee JS]
-Jim Bowden’s (whacky) re-alignment idea for MLB. [The GM’s Office]
-Here’s the 1944 throwbacks the Reds will wear Wednesday in Los Angeles. [Better Off Red]