Throwing it around

There’s a lot of wackiness going on in the world today. It’s easy to forget about it and have your biggest worry be how many games your boys are out in the standings. But our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been stricken by some type of calamity recently whether it be car crashes, tornado, or any other type of natural disaster or tragedy. It’s up to us all as humans to try–as hard as it is sometimes–to put the best foot forward and refocus as much positive thought, energy, and belief as we can so that this world keeps on spinning and existing for our children and their children. And so forth. So with that, let’s get you some baseball links that hopefully make you laugh, smile, or enrich your thought while you’re trying to make it until 5:00 at work.

-A depiction of Macho Man Randy Savage’s funeral, done with wrestling figures. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]
-Every baseball fan who grew up in the 90’s should read this about Lenny Dykstra, dude. [Deadspin]
-Chase Utley’s back tonight, against my Reds. [Big League Stew]
-A minor leaguer nicknamed Sugar Ray; was he robbed of a no-hit bid? [The Golden Sombrero]
-Our boy MTD at Off-Base is excited for Utley’s return. [Off-Base Percentage]
-That rich old geezer Fred Wilpon was mouthing off about his only/best players. [ESPN SweetSpot]
-A great chart to show you how the Braves are under-achieving offensively. [Capitol Avenue Club]
-I always knew that pitchers running poles was pointless. [Next Level Ballplayer]
-The first place Indians are hosting the Red Sox starting tonight. Here’s a preview. [Deep Left Field]