Double-Header Day Down at Turner Field

Whether it’s in terms of when you were playing baseball, or if it’s just as a fan or observer; there isn’t much better than a double-header. In fact, we would love to see baseball schedule double headers a few times a year just to appease fans like us. And we’re not sure what exactly is so awesome about it–other than at the end you should feel stuffed, like you’ve watched enough baseball to satisfy you until at least the next day.

In the wake of yesterday’s rained out game, the Braves play a pair with the Brewers today. Zach Greinke makes his Brewers debut tonight.

So if you’re not being forced into date night like we are, and you’ve got a television with access to watching these two games, you really need to park yourself starting at 4 PM for about 6 hours and let the Braves and Brewers take over. That’s what we would do. These are two really good teams that are going to factor by years end, they just haven’t hit their stride yet.

We’ll say it’s going to be a split today. But if either of these guys could take two, that’s the kind of thing that can serve as the catalyst for a week, month, or entire season.