Jason Heyward: The New ‘Swingman’ of Nike

When I was a kid, Ken Griffey Jr. was Nike’s ‘Swingman’.

They were the shoes to have. The kids in little league that had the Griffey baseball kicks were the ones I always envied. And if Nike devotes their time to creating a baseball shoe, you know a guy is the real deal.

Jason Heyward is gonna be that guy for your kids and my kids. Every once in a blue moon, we’re blessed with one of these great, generational talents that is a likable figure and has that sweet stroke. Right now, Heyward is that guy.

Nike capitalized on the opportunity by making Heyward the new ‘Swingman’. After the jump, the pics that J-Hey posted on twitter of his shiny new shoes.

Those are some smooth kicks. I can’t wait to give him those on MLB the Show 11.

And if you’re bored and a twitter-goer, make sure you follow Heywards Bombs. Should be epic.