Jason Heyward to get MRI on shoulder

And who didn’t see this one coming? I certainly did.

I love Jason Heyward. I think his talent is other-worldly. But every time this guy goes into a slump, the organization and he come out and deflect it towards an injury. This was predictable.

Heyward’s been terrible in May, going just 2-for-28 while his batting average plummeted from .263 to .220 in the span of just nine games. Heyward told O’Brien the shoulder has really affected him, saying, “It hasn’t felt good, really, for any consistent period of time. I tried to play through it.”

I just don’t know about this. Somehow I think if he had a few multi-hit games mixed in there, it wouldn’t have been mentioned. But I knew if Heyward didn’t start stringing some hits together soon, someone would leak that it’s an injury that’s actually behind the hollow numbers. I didn’t know if it would be his back, or his legs, or what it would be. But I knew it would be something.

As much as I love watching Heyward play, this is the one knock I have on him. He is so very fragile. And there’s nothing worse than a guy who is always hurt. And if you’re keeping score at home, you can add Heyward to the list of guys who are burying one of my most important fantasy teams. This year been unreal in terms of bad luck in fantasy baseball.