Game 27, 2011: The Reds incredible comeback win v. Josh Johnson

[Box Score]

Last night I had to continually remind myself that I was excited to see Josh Johnson throw. The Reds got a few good bats on the ball, but only a few. This guy is the best pitcher in baseball right now, and to see him live was a work of art. It was hard to tell how good his stuff was moving for the angle that we were sitting at during a lot of the game, but guys just didn’t square stuff up and he did his thing wracking up a few K’s. He should have been 4-0, but the Reds would have other ideas.

Most of the time, when a guy enters a game with an ERA just a hair over 1, it’s going to rise. With Josh Johnson, it’s the opposite right now. Johnson’s ERA after the game is right around 0.90, which is mid-90’s Greg Maddux territory. If he can keep it there for a while, one of my important fantasy teams can hang in things for a little while longer. And by ‘hanging in things’ I mean that we’re going to be in 8th place instead of last.

To close out the topic of Johnson, he was as advertised.

See this guy? Well, he makes the blog because he took a line drive from Mike Stanton’s friggin’ bat right off the front of his forehead, and he survived it! I’m not kidding you, the ball hit his forehead, popped about 40 feet straight in the air and into another fan’s hands. I honestly cannot believe the guy survived this. They carried him off for an inning or so, and he stumbled into a wheelchair. But I saw him later back in his seat. No word on whether or not he woke up dead (I know, you can’t wake up dead).

Thumbs up buddy. You are the fan of the game on this night. Godspeed to your brain pan.

Second time that I’ve seen Aroldis Chapman throw live. As soon as I told my fiance that he hadn’t given up a run all year long, sure enough, he walked them loaded and he was no longer unscathed. Anytime you can see 99, 101, 100, 101, 99, 101 like it’s nothing live and in the flesh; it’s pretty cool. He cannot become a starter soon enough for my liking.

101 Miles Per Hour, live. I was there. And here’s all the proof.

The Marlins rolled with 6 infielders for a play. Count them up, six. Chris Coghlan came in from center field, switched gloves on a mound visit, and the Marlins pulled off a stroke of genius that could have been disaster had Ramon Hernandez have gotten the ball into the outfield.

I’ve got video of this, and as soon as YouTube stops acting a fool, you’ll get to see the play unfold. First time I’ve seen this in a ballgame in my life, either live or on TV. And if you were in the restroom or are a female, you missed it forever.

In the end, it was one of the longest of the longest games I’ve ever seen live. And probably the 4th time I’ve seen an extra-innings game live. I had hopes of this one going 15 or 18 innings and seeing something really whacky, but I’ll settle for a nice walk-off win courtesy of Edgar cold as ice Renteria with 2-out in the bottom of the 10th.

Couldn’t have happened without big hits from Gomes, Heisey, and Janish. And of course Brandon Phillips.

And I’ve got to throw this song in the post. Fitting because it was a big Reds home win. But according to one of my sources that used to work for the Reds, the fellas have a habit of ripping this track in the home clubhouse after wins. So, Dolla Dolla bill ya’ll in honor of the type of win that made the 2010 season special, and the type of win that the Reds will need to make a habit of for a special year in 2011. Get it going, Reds!