Game 3, 2011: Reds 12, Brewers 3

[Box Score]


I admit, I was tuckered out from the long weekend and the traveling so I passed out right about the point where the Reds tied the game at 2 and when I woke up it was 11-3.

Bronson Arroyo did what we should all become accustomed to seeing him do. He went out with mono and threw a nice little ballgame. It was such an Arroyo-like outing, as he went 7 innings and allowed only three earned runs–two of them coming off the bat of Ricky Weeks and one of which was a lead-off home run that saw Arroyo settle in for the duration immediately after.

The Reds didn’t wait long for retaliation. Johnny Gomes homered, Jay Bruce singled and stole second base and then scored on a Paul Janish home run.

It’s good to see Bruce running out of the gates here–it’s a sign he’s growing more comfortable with the speed of the game and developing confidence in his own game. Bruce is a good enough baserunner to compile 10 or 15 steals. It’s just a matter of being comfortable and confident in his own game and taking off.

This Reds lineup is doing what I thought they would do; they’re hitting like crazy. They had 19 hits yesterday, and by the end of the game Dusty Baker was able to work in a few of the subs.

Hanigan had four of those hits, Phillips had three (atonement for an early strikeout with the bases loaded), while Janish and Gomes had two each. Everyone in the Reds lineup who is expected to hit for power has homered except Jay Bruce and the shortstops. It’s a great sign all around.

The Reds definitely make a statement on the opening weekend by sweeping their main competition.

In another losing effort, Ryan Braun homered again.

Star of the Game:

How could it be anyone other than Ryan Hanigan? Reds catchers so far this season are on a little bit of a roll. Hanigan went 4 for 4 with two home runs, 4 RBI and a walk. Guy continues to look like he’s in the mold of a .285 to .300 hitter year in and year out.

Top Plays:

Ryan Hanigan’s 3-run homer in the 6th inning

Brandon Phillip’s 3-run bomb

Aroldis Chapman throws a perfect 9th inning