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The Bryce Harper Monster Bomb off Bunny Arroyo that wrecked by gambling account

I tried to be sneaky tonight by taking a prop bet that Bryce Harper would NOT homer off Bronson Arroyo. You figure that Arroyo is a veteran pitcher who should know better than to pitch to the one hitter in the Nationals cold lineup who can hurt you. What resulted was one of the longest home runs that Bryce Harper has ever hit.

After the ball landed on the centerfield lawn at Nationals Park, I was a few bucks lighter. And I will never bet against Bryce Harper hitting a home run again. Especially if Mr. Bugs Bunny Change-up Bronson Arroyo is on the bump.

You took my money kid. You took my money. The Reds lost the game 8-1, by the way.

Unchartered Territory: Reds win NLDS Game Two, Take 2-0 Series Lead

[NLDS Game Two Box Score]


The Cincinnati Reds are locked in.

That was as good as you can see Bronson Arroyo look. It was his crowning moment in his Reds career. Maybe except for this commercial that I caught last night shortly after Cincinnati grabbed a 1-0 lead on Ryan Ludwick’s solo home run:

The Reds continued to play sound defense and add-on in the top frames until the game was through.

As we sit here on the eve of only the second postseason baseball game in Cincinnati in 17+ years, I hope the Reds realize they haven’t won anything yet. I hope they realize that the journey is still long. Two wins out West is very special, and it’s the hallmark of a team that means business. But the Giants could easily come back and win this series. This was just the first two dominoes that needed to fall in order to do something in this postseason. If the Reds come out flat tomorrow night, things can snowball in a hurry and this can quickly become the worst dogfight they’ve ever been involved in.

If you want my opinion, the Reds get the match-up they need tomorrow night. I don’t want them to face Matt Cain again. And I still think they’re damn lucky to have had such an easy time with Madison Bumgarner (though I’ll say it’s a misconception that I fall victim to in thinking that this roster of Reds struggles against LHP).

Tomorrow around dinner time, the Reds will face Ryan Vogelsong. He’s a good, solid big league starter. But he’s the kind of righty that the Reds should want to advance against in that park. He’s not Matt Cain, and he’s not Bumgarner.

Go ahead and move on in front of your fans on Tuesday night boys, and let the Cardinals and Nationals slug things out for a few more days. I have to admit, I want the Reds to just keep playing at this point. The worst thing that could happen was to give them a day off and a day to even think about what they’re doing. They’re going so good right now that you just hope they can get back out there on a diamond as soon as possible and keep rolling.

Part of how this team has already been able to do what they’re doing is I don’t even think they realize fully what they’re doing. They’re like a fearless teenager who takes a lot of risks because they don’t know how fragile life is at that age; the Reds still don’t grasp how delicate every single moment is in this postseason. And that allows them to be dangerous in this situation.

Tomorrow I’ll come home from work. I’ll slip on the #32 Bruce jersey (he got another big knock last night). I’ll hopefully see my team advance to the NLCS, making the vision I had back in 2010 the night we were eliminated from the NLDS a reality. To this point, I could not be more proud of how they’ve performed. I can’t even believe this is really happening.

Game 28, 2012: Reds put it all together in 6-1 win over Brewers

[Box Score]

[Cincinnati.com] [Mark Sheldon] [Redleg Nation]

This was one of the most complete efforts on the year so far for the Reds. It probably starts with Bunny Arroyo’s fine outing on the mound. He somehow struck out nine Brewers, allowed only the mammoth home run to Ryan Braun and walked just one. He’s now 2-1 on the season with a 2.75 ERA. The Reds starters are getting it done, between Bunny’s fine effort and what Mat Latos did on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

The Reds pounded out another ten hits last night, with a lot of the damage coming in that big 4th inning. This is either the first time they’ve been a couple games over .500 this season, or it sure feels like it. It’s really no time to relax even though they’ve taken four of five and 11 of 16 games. This is the time to keep the foot on the gas and make a run.

How about Bruce’s monster home run last night? That was the longest home run I’ve ever seen him hit. He ran it with humility and didn’t show up Marco Estrada, but that thing traveled to Kenosha, WI. Couple of hits for Brandon Phillips, couple of hits for Ryan Hanigan, Zach Cozart homered; everyone really contributed.

Homer Bailey and Yovani Gallardo I’m a little worried about tonight.


Bruce hits a MONSTER 442-foot home run (9)

Bunny Arroyo was magnificent

Welcome back, Miguel Cairo

Zach Cozart solo bomb (3) ties the game

Joey Votto RBI Double gives the Reds the lead

Ryan Braun goes yard off Bronson Arroyo early, his 9th


-Jay Bruce’s home run is worth checking out Hit Tracker for the first time this year if you haven’t.

-Behind Atlanta’s Michael Bourn, Bruce has the second longest active hitting streak in baseball now at 10 games. He’s gone 15 of 37, for a .405 average. He’s slugging 1.027 during the life of the streak. He’s got six homers, 12 RBI, and ten runs during it. Bruce had two 12-game hitting streaks as a rookie.

-Check out my buddy Dave here with Sal Fasano, on “What it takes to be a great catcher”. I remember when Jeff Pearlman told me that Fasano was one of the best pro-athletes he had ever met in terms of humility and just being a great human being. Great work on this Dave.

-Ended up owing my wife a trip to UDF for ice-cream when the Reds had that big inning. Where’s the Peach!?!?

Game 13, 2012: Reds Stave off Sweep in St. Louis

[Box Score]

Cincinnati.com | Better off Red | Mark Sheldon | C70 at the bat


I texted a couple of my buddies who share my love/hate with the Reds with me yesterday while perusing the box score. The Reds had closed out a key 6-3 win in their house of horrors against a hot St. Louis Cardinals team. They had lived to fight another day. The season wasn’t over, yet. Bronson Arroyo came up big as he has in the past on a day where you had to have a win, only allowing a three-run bomb to Matt Holliday.

The usual crew of Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, Drew Stubbs, and Jay Bruce had a say in the win.

“You know what kind of teams play to avoid sweeps? Bad ones,” my friend responded to my text. I guess he isn’t optimistic like I am. But I quickly texted him back–I have a feeling that the Reds will go into Sunday with a chance to sweep the Cubbies this weekend–and if they do all will be right with the world again.

You can’t sweep a team until you win one. The Reds can’t go on a winning streak until they win this afternoon at Wrigley behind Homer Bailey. It’s got to happen first.


Brandon Phillips solo home run puts the Reds on the board

Joey Votto RBI single

Drew Stubbs solo home run

Reds vs. Indians in the Diamond Seats

[Box Score]

There’s the infamous window in the Diamond Club at Great American Ballpark, and Dusty Baker going out to visit yet another game in his long career in the game of baseball.

This game was an awful game, thanks to Bronson Arroyo and his Bugs Bunny 69 MPH pitch. So I’m just going to speak on the experience, and not a lot about the game which was over when Arroyo gave up several bombs and put the Reds in a 4-0 hole.

It’s Fourth of July time at the Ballpark, and a perfect opportunity for the Reds to serve up these beauties. I am on a wedding diet so I didn’t partake, but I probably should have.

If you ever wanted to see the bar inside the Diamond Club at Great American Ballpark, here it is. Now, I’ll tell you right now that if you attend a game in the Diamond Club, you might as well just plan on drinking beers all night. They do not serve shots of liquor, and while they do serve mixed drinks; something is up with the booze at the ballpark.

I won’t go into too many details, but I drank Johnny Walker Red Label all night with soda, one per inning approximately. I also had two or three before the game and two after the game during the fireworks display. I left the park about as sober as could be.

I don’t know if they’re watering them down–but if my BA content is any barometer–something is rotten in Denmark with the booze at the Diamond Club.

Here’s Carlos Carrasco being pre-game interviewed. He has been on a real roll for the Cleveland Indians lately.

And here’s the star of the night Justin Masterson. This guy seems like a really great kid, and he has ace stuff. Flat out, the guy can be as good of a pitcher as the Indians have had. There’s a lot to be excited about with him.

We joked with Masterson several times during the game, and he was genuinely very nice to us and some of the family members we were at the game with and our friends. We told him his stuff is straight filthy in MLB The Show ’11 and his face lit up like a kid. Love Masterson, wish he was a Cincinnati Red.

I spy Kirk Herbstreit. Actually, maybe the Johnny Walker did get to me a little bit because he was in line with his four kids and wife right in front of me in the Diamond Club and I didn’t recognize that it was him. Terrell Pryor was not a guest of honor in the Herbstreit party either. His wife is not that hot at all.

Carlos Santana is a stud. Probably my favorite Indians player. He always rolls with a huge hog in, and he always hits bombs when I’m at the park. True to form, he lined one into the Reds bullpen off Bunny Arroyo.

Brandon Phillips collected the 1,000th hit of his career last night, hitting two home runs and finishing off a 3 for 4 ballgame. You have to love this guy. He was out for blood against the team that traded him away and on a night where the Reds got a few paltry singles you really appreciate that Phillips had half of their hits last night.

Another game in which I’m present at the park and Jay Bruce has another 0 for 3 night. Nice view of the Moondeck here out in right field, look how full it is. It must really be something to play in front of that many people on some nights. One guy on display like the bear or elephant at the zoo, at this moment that guy was Jay Bruce.

Here’s a Cuban Missile Crisis: Austin Kearns vs. Aroldis Chapman. The epitome of over-matched.

Here’s Lon Chisenhall up close. He seems like a little bit of a dickhead to be honest. He had a big extra base hit last night though. Maybe it was the Johnny Walker Red.

Game 73, 2011: Reds 2, Blue Jays 1

[Box Score]


I didn’t enjoy this small round of interleague play as much as I thought I would. Jay Bruce and Joey Votto are not hitting a whole lot; at least that is to say they aren’t hitting with a lot of power. Bruce broke out of his slump with four hits in the final two days of the weekend series and Votto also collected three hits of his own yesterday including one that started the small rally that would win the game on Miguel Cairo’s 2-run home run.

And let’s pause for a moment. How good has Miguel Cairo been this season? He’s collected a few absolutely huge hits for the Reds, and none were bigger than this one.

Bronson Arroyo rebounded with a performance that kept the Reds pitching staff rolling. He had more than just a quality start; he went 8 innings allowing only 5 hits and one run on an Aaron Hill home run. This was the type of start that Bunny Arroyo has became known for over the course of his Reds career. He’s not always effective, but more often than not when it’s a must-win the guy shows up and is able to be a ‘stopper’ of sorts.

Friday and Saturday were such disappointments in terms of entertainment in this series. The Reds salvaged a little bit of the series and find themselves two games out of the lead that the Cardinals and Brewers share.

The Reds play host to the Yankees tonight, and might get more good news with Albert Pujols going down with an injury. This is a chance before the All-Star break where as a Reds fan you would like to see the team play their best baseball and the lineup get a little hot. The weather is hot, school is out; and it’s time for these guys to try and make a move and take a stranglehold on the division. They’ve been treading water for a little bit now.

With the Yankees coming to town (minus Derek Jeter), let’s see what they’ve got. We’ll be there tonight, by the way.

Keep it a Rivalry

The Cardinals are in town and whenever the Reds and Cardinals get together, it’s an important couple of games. Anytime they play, it’s a big series. Right now, the Cardinals are the hunted and the Reds are the hunter. It looks like St. Louis is going to be punching back a little bit more than we all anticipated when this season began.

Tonight I’m heading down to the park with good buddy from work. There aren’t many games at my age that you are excited to go and see, but legitimately; I cannot wait to watch these next three games.

The last time I was in Cincinnati to see Reds/Cardinals was about a year ago (tomorrow it will be one year) and the Cardinals hung on for their only win of the series. The guy I’m going to the game with from work tonight is a Cardinals fan; so hopefully I get in two good hours of ribbing on him on the way home.

With Kyle Lohse and Bunny Arroyo on the bump tonight, I think we could see some bombs leave the yard. Should be mind kind of ballgame.

ESPN SweetSpot had a really nice write-up on the Reds rotation today. Check it out for some good pre-game reading.

Game 13, 2011: Pirates 6, Reds 1

[Box Score]

[Red Reporter] [PBC Blog]


Bronson Arroyo just didn’t have his best stuff on this Friday evening, Jackie Robinson Day. Charlie Morton looked like a different pitcher than the guy that the Reds roughed up on Jay Bruce Day 2010. Morton was the whole damn show as we like to say, and he almost had a shutout in front of 21,312 at Great American Ballpark.

The Reds didn’t have much offense to speak of tonight. Drew Stubbs had a couple of hits and a couple of steals. Miguel Cairo singled back up the box. Scott Rolen blooped one in. And the Reds grounded out pretty much the rest of the night or flew out harmlessly. It was fun to watch the outfielders battle the wind. I remember playing those conditions as an outfielder and it was awful. These guys make it look easy.

Jose Tabata is one Hell of a ballplayer for the Buccos. Andrew Mccutchen got himself a golden sombrero courtesy of Bronson Arroyo (Cutch is 0 for 12 against him lifetime).

In the 9th, we saw light at the end of the tunnel. Jay Bruce broke up the shutout with a 2-out bomb to centerfield off Morton, and while there was no victory, tomorrow will bring better things.

Top Plays:

Bruce homers to center (1) with 2-out in the 9th

Reds turn an ugly double play

Neil Walker bombs Bunny Arroyo


Quiet Friday night at home watching this one. I had the flu all week. Flu’s that hang on forever are absolutely awful, and I’m good for about one a year.

The weather and game result didn’t do much to make me feel better either. Glad the week has came to an end and I can head to Cincinnati to watch the ballgame. I love Saturday afternoon home ballgames, and there aren’t many on the Reds schedule typically.

On another note, I had a really HUGE night on the fantasy baseball front. Momentum!

Game 3, 2011: Reds 12, Brewers 3

[Box Score]


I admit, I was tuckered out from the long weekend and the traveling so I passed out right about the point where the Reds tied the game at 2 and when I woke up it was 11-3.

Bronson Arroyo did what we should all become accustomed to seeing him do. He went out with mono and threw a nice little ballgame. It was such an Arroyo-like outing, as he went 7 innings and allowed only three earned runs–two of them coming off the bat of Ricky Weeks and one of which was a lead-off home run that saw Arroyo settle in for the duration immediately after.

The Reds didn’t wait long for retaliation. Johnny Gomes homered, Jay Bruce singled and stole second base and then scored on a Paul Janish home run.

It’s good to see Bruce running out of the gates here–it’s a sign he’s growing more comfortable with the speed of the game and developing confidence in his own game. Bruce is a good enough baserunner to compile 10 or 15 steals. It’s just a matter of being comfortable and confident in his own game and taking off.

This Reds lineup is doing what I thought they would do; they’re hitting like crazy. They had 19 hits yesterday, and by the end of the game Dusty Baker was able to work in a few of the subs.

Hanigan had four of those hits, Phillips had three (atonement for an early strikeout with the bases loaded), while Janish and Gomes had two each. Everyone in the Reds lineup who is expected to hit for power has homered except Jay Bruce and the shortstops. It’s a great sign all around.

The Reds definitely make a statement on the opening weekend by sweeping their main competition.

In another losing effort, Ryan Braun homered again.

Star of the Game:

How could it be anyone other than Ryan Hanigan? Reds catchers so far this season are on a little bit of a roll. Hanigan went 4 for 4 with two home runs, 4 RBI and a walk. Guy continues to look like he’s in the mold of a .285 to .300 hitter year in and year out.

Top Plays:

Ryan Hanigan’s 3-run homer in the 6th inning

Brandon Phillip’s 3-run bomb

Aroldis Chapman throws a perfect 9th inning