Becoming the answer to a trivia question via a Roy Halladay Postseason no-hitter

This is the sports Gods’ way laughing at me.

Of course this would happen to a team I root for; scratch that. A team I live for. It’s not your fault, Reds. It’s my fault. This is what I get for sacrificing other areas of my life to put you on a pedestal. This is me being taught some kind of cruel lesson. There aren’t fans like me in the Rangers fan base. You saw how things went for them today. This is the baseball Gods telling me to simmer. To get wrapped up in something else.

I cannot believe that my favorite team in my favorite sport in my favorite season of all time just went out and got no-hit tonight and I watched the whole thing unfold. I’ve waited over half of my life for this; and this is what happens. Maybe if I hadn’t been waiting half my life, I’d be celebrating a win right now.

Life is funny sometimes. Baseball is definitely funny. I’m really sad right now.