They became part of ‘forever’ alright.

The national talking heads everywhere are laughing at us. Only my team would come out and get no-hit, zip zip zip for 9 innings in their first postseason appearance in 15 years.

Props to Johnny Gomes; who is worthless, and Edinson Volquez for sealing this thing from the get-go. In 27 years, I’ve yet to see my Reds get no-hit, and I’m glad you all saved it for tonight to serve us this nice tasty cake.

As for you Philly fans, eat shit. I maintain that even after you sweep our Punch & Judy quartet you will not win a title this year. And the Eagles are a mess!

I was wrong for believing in the Reds. This series won’t have a game four and when I go to Cincinnati on Sunday I’m going to say goodbye to the 2010 Reds.