600 Home Runs for A-Rod. Moving on.

What they’re saying about A-Rod’s 600th Home Run – Hardball Talk
“Somehow, after everything, history is still history in baseball. Even stained. Even when the record book is filled with so many stains you think somebody has been spitting tobacco juice at it. Juice being the operative word.” — Mike Lupica

Our take, yes it is history, but albeit a very tainted aspect. The sexiest record in sports is now a story in which major news networks just want to go away as quietly as possible. Rodriguez probably would have got to 600 home runs with or without the help of steroids, right? The real mess comes if he can hang on long enough to chase down Barry Bonds. Then it really becomes a matchup of evil versus evil.

There’s so many angles you can take with this story, but I guess the one thing that will stick with us is the fact that no one cared about A-Rod’s pursuit of 600 two weeks ago, two days ago, and two days from now. That to me, as a baseball fan and blogger; is really astonishing in every way.