A Big Name Pitcher, PED's, and a 50-game suspension

It’s 4:20 but there’s speculation about a different type of drug use going around, and it’s a National League Pitcher who is the culprit.
I could not confirm the player’s identity, but my source tells me that it’s a “semi-big” name, though not a “huge” name. I imagine that, once the name is revealed, we’ll have more fun arguing about what being a “semi-big” player truly means than we will wondering why he was not a bigger name despite taking PEDs
Will Carroll tweeted that a suspension for the infraction is upcoming and will be of the 50-game variety. So it’s going to be a lengthy one.
Supposively it’s not a New York player.
The names we’ve heard thrown around: Arroyo, Harang (yea right, they said performance enhancing), Zambrano, Brad Penny, Chris Young (Padres, on the DL).
Our hunch is that it’s Chris Young of San Diego. Just a prediction. We’ll do a full post when something shakes out.