Reds shoot out Cardinals 9-8 in a playoff-atmosphere game

I have a lot of readers who love the Reds like I do. Yesterday, I probably rattled some cages by speaking out about Joey Votto’s toughness. I don’t retract from those statements at all. It’s the way that I feel.
People need to remember a few things. First off, I’m just a fan who is like any other fan; my opinions shouldn’t count for more then anyone else’s. Hal McCoy brings to the table his knowledge of rubbing elbows for a half a century with some of the game’s greats. I can’t do that. He’s got me there. But I think I love the sport as much as any Hal McCoy and I think that I bring to the table about as much knowledge as anyone could that has not played big league baseball for a handful of years.
If people don’t like what I write, you’re free to disagree in the comments or shoot me an email. But I’m not going to not write something because I’m afraid of losing readers, or I’m afraid of making my Cincinnati Reds readers upset.
Joey Votto is a great player, and as he proved in getting four big knocks last night in what many are calling the game of the year thus far, he was the difference. Without him, we don’t win that game.
And really that’s all my Votto post was about to begin with. He should toughen up a bit, and play every day because he’s one of the best in the game (his OPS is now above Albert Pujols) and we’re not even close to the same team without him. So that’s that. I’ve already done too much explaining. I think I make good points–and while I might have chose a mocking fashion to express my point (i.e. Votto’s shopping habit)–my point should be well noted that I think the guy needs to toughen up a lot to climb into the true elite rank in this great game that he can.
That said, last night’s game was a good old good one. You have to love how this Reds team just kept coming back, and coming back, and coming back. It was about as close to playoff atmosphere baseball as it gets during the regular season.
And speaking of Votto, I liked that fire and emotion he played with last night. I saw him chew out the umpires more then once. That’s what I like seeing out of stone Joey.
Again the big blows in this one came from Scott Rolen. Rolen hit a three run home run in the first to open up scoring and added another solo job a few innings later. He collected three hits and drove in three four runs. Jay Bruce and Johnny Gomes had a hit each, with each hit being in a clutch situation that helped the Reds take the lead for good.
Rolen has just been so damn solid this season. He’s playing like a guy who is 25 years old and on the verge of being an All-Star. You just have to hope he stays healthy, because his unexpected production is something that happens to a team that makes a surprise run for the playoffs.
And congrats to Enerio Del Rosario on picking up his first Major League win after being re-called from Louisville. He is a guy I figure to be a major fixture in the bullpen for a long time.