Chris Welsh will get pushy over Eric Davis bobbleheads

“Anyway, it’s Eric Davis bobblehead night and #44 himself stops in the booth to be interviewed during an inning. Eric was kind of enough to sign a bunch of the miniature statues for everybody in the booth. Well…somehow at the end of the game (probably because the producer snagged about 10 to sell on e-bay), Reds’ mustachioed announcer Chris Welsh was left without an autographed bobblehead, which prompted an angry tirade about how the “fucking interns” better make sure he has one or he would get us fired. Dropping F bombs in front of fellow announcer George Grande, who wouldn’t even say “Damn” in reading nightly promos for “The Best Sports Show Period,” was certainly frowned upon, by the way. Not wanting to lose my 6 credit hours, and not really giving a shit about a bobblehead, I went down to my car to get mine so high-maintenance-announcer-boy could have one to add to his collection. It took a big man to not add bodily fluids to Chris’ Mountain Dew (Mountain Dew retrieval being one of my primary duties) the rest of the season. So aspiring interns…play your cards right and you may be lucky enough to have former major leaguer (Career 22-31 record, 4.45 ERA) force you to relinquish your sports memorabilia.” [Deadspin]

I love it! If you ask Welshie about this one; it’s of course fabricated! Anyways, if the Mountain Dew go-getter ever stumbles across this page get in touch with us. We’d love to have you on our radio show as a guest!