Most of ESPN picks the Reds to finish 3rd or 4th

In case you haven’t seen over on ESPN they’ve got the Reds season preview up. The Baseball Tonight cast basically picks the Reds to finish 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Then that turd Buck Showalter predicted us to finish in the cellar. Hey Buck, get over it dude. You didn’t get hired here and Dusty Baker did. We’re not a cellar team–no matter how little we hit we’re more loaded then the Pirates. Christ crumpets!
Then Aaron Boone, God love him; he picked us to finish 1st in the division. He’s nuts. There’s no chance of that happening I wouldn’t think.
You just have to love these butt-plugs on ESPN though. every year it’s the same several teams they have winning it all. Everyone is afraid to go out on a limb. No one is an individual. No one can think for themselves or make a unique prediction. That’s why people like to read blogs. You’ll be at least a little impressed with our predictions this year, it’s not the same playoff field from last season that’s for sure.