Jocketty-speak on the subject of Aroldis Chapman

Walt Jocketty said today it’s going to be tough for phenom Aroldis Chapman to start the season in the Major Leagues due to his injury:
Jocketty said “it’s going to be tough” for him to make the big-league club because of the injury. Chapman is scheduled to pitch two innings against minor leaguers on Wednesday. The Reds haven’t decided where to send him to open the season.
He also talked about how Chapman was ‘still learning the language’ and ‘had a lot of work to do’. I don’t know. It’s a questionable move that we all know has nothing to do with Chapman’s performance, injury, his pronunciation of English words, etc.
This was decided before Chapman ever stepped foot in Goodyear, that he’d start the year in the minor leagues. The dominance that Chapman displayed probably came as a surprise to the Reds and allowed him to stay in camp with the big boys a lot longer then they first thought.
It would be nice if factors like salary arbitration didn’t come into play, but for the Reds they always do and then you’re left talking about things like injuries and knowledge of the language that are holding your 98 MPH flame-throwers back. When really it’s just that they want him in their control for an extra year without having to give him a long-term deal.
We’ll see you sometime in June, Aroldis.