Dodgers pushed to the brink of NLCS elimination

Coolest part about Jimmy Rollins’ extra base hit that won the game for the Phils last night? He caught up to a Johnathan Broxton 99 mile per hour heater to do it.

“He likes the moment,” said his manager, Charlie Manuel. “He wants to be there, and he can control his adrenaline, and he can handle the moment. Those are the things that are very important when you get in the postseason. … Jimmy Rollins — he thrives. The bigger the stage, the better he likes to play.”

So we predicted the Dodgers to get their crack at the Phillies, but this team has now won 10 of their last 11 postseason games. They’re a win away from going back to the series to play for another title. We just can’t seem to get rid of these guys. One thing I noticed last night, they’ve got pretty good starting pitching to run out there every day. That tub of shit Joe Blanton on the hill last night (who I consider to be ‘just a guy’) and my buddy who is watching the game at my place says “he’s pretty good”. I guess I should look into it I thought. He strikes me as a Bronson Arroyo-type; who will 14-12, 4.20 ERA you to death. Sure enough I was right. But he has thrown pretty well in a Phillies uniform (of course).

Nice to see Ryan Howard finding his stroke in time to dominate the World, tying a postseason record for most games in a row with an RBI.

Carlos Ruiz is becoming a rock star in that town. The Cliff Lee trade is working out. This franchise is firing on all cylinders. And I’m jealous of that rabid fan base for what they’ve got going.

Oh, here’s Jimmy Rollins’ legendary piss rope that won game 3:

Hat tip: Deadspin