Game 1 NLCS post from the Penna Turnpike

So we are driving in a nasty rainstorm and will still be driving tonight when game one of the NL Championship series kicks off.

Much is being made in the news about the Dodgers going with Clayton Kershaw to open up the series. If you are a Dodgers fan you should be excited. This is an excellent experience for the future of your franchise. However, I don’t think that Kershaw is going to throw a great game tonight. Although we like LA to come out on top of this series and tonight’s game is at Chavez Rivine, the Dodgers won’t get the win tonight. Philly will find a way to get win 5 of 6 in LCS play.

Maybe we will be back later for some thoughts if the good old blackberry holds up, and maybe not. Driving all day long in shitty, stormy fall weather is brutal.