Dipper Review: Grizzly Wintergreen Fine Cut

The other day at the gas station on my way out the door I spotted it. A friend of mine from Michigan has been telling me that I simply must try this “Welfare Bear”. I figure my wallet isn’t as fat as it’s ever been, why not. I throw this little beauty on top of my Skoal Straight and out I go.

Now I thought I was getting wintergreen long cut. Which always seems to be the one flavor that knocks me on my ass enough. Little did I know that in my hurried state, I picked up fine cut! Let me tell you, I really don’t understand anymore why any man would pick up a tin (or can as some of you woodsmen call it) of fine cut anything! It can take a great and flavorful brand of dip and turn it into pure shit in a hurry. As one friend put it: “Fine cut turns into a messy experience in a hurry”.

That’s the truth. I even know one acquaintance who used to chew it now and then and would insert it with a small spoon. What fun is that? You already look like a dipshit enough when you chew. Why would you want to go through the whole ‘excuse me let me use my small spoon’ act to put one in? So first off, when you’re doing this fine cut prepare to spill it all down the front of you and all over your carpet at your place, or all over your fucking car more then you do the usual dip. That much is a given.

After putting in one of these little boogers you’ll realize that after your first spit, half the pinch is gone. So prepare for an add-on and even more mess. Now it’s flavorful, no doubt. It will make the casual and novice dipper probably turn pale and maybe puke. The veteran dip man will probably even get a decent buzz. Flavor is the best part of this dip.

At the end of the day, you’re left feeling very dirty and that you probably need a shower. Totally unlike you feel with a good pinch of any of the Skoal brands. I’m sure in this recession companies that product Grizzly are doing very well; but should man ever decide to splurge on quality in this area; their product will really suffer. It’s simply a painful experience and the fine cut makes it even worse. I wanted to take the can back to the gas station I bought it but I’d already sliced it open before noticing I bought this garbage.

I’m giving it a 5.5 out of a possible 10. And I’m feeling generous. If you chew this stuff on the regular you’re lying to yourself or there is something wrong with you.