Dippers Review: Camel Snus–perfect for gutting in the office

If you are new to this baseball blog you might be wondering why we’re doing another review on dip. Well, a good chew is just as much a part of being a ballplayer or a fan of baseball as the red threads on the ball. Plus a ton of people come stumbling across the blog looking for dip. It really ups the traffic.

You’ll have to forgive us if the review isn’t accurate. We’ve actually never tried Snus. The review was conducted in an interview format from a friend of ours that stumbled across a coupon for a free can of Snus if you buy a tin of Skoal (our dip of choice).

So here is what we have on the early review of Snus (Camel brand):

Pros: Slight buzz, leaves you with a decent taste in your mouth and very convenient.
Cons: Packs less of a punch than traditional dip, pouches become unraveled in your mouth leaving the ants to run ramped and it feels weird swallowing the spit.

The Snusser also mentioned to us that he felt very privvy when the attendant at the convienence store reached into a refridgerator-like area to retrieve the can of Snus. He felt that he was ‘being served something special–like top shelf liquor’ because they handed him an icy cold tin of Camel Snus.

We have to admit, we’re not big on the idea but it’s sparked our curiosity. We feel that Snus is a high end Skoal Bandits. And Skoal Bandits are for pussies. Another thing the resident Snusser points out is that makers of Camel Snus actually urge the dipper to go top shelf and put the pouches in their upper lip.

Another question that we would have to fellow Snussers is: how is it safe to swallow? It’s still tobacco in a form, correct? So how can you just swallow it down without worry?

We look forward to finding a shop in our area that will sell us a tin of Snus so we can maybe answer some of these questions. But basically, it’s the rich man’s form of chewing, very stylish. It leaves you without mess and without ants. And every dipper knows that those ants will cause you problems whether it gets on clothing, carpet, or your girlfriend’s magazines.