Throwing it around

It’s the time of year where many college kids are finishing up final exams. Done for the year, we should see attendance start to pick up around baseball. At least a little bit. We’re given an overcast midweek day here in Ohio. It won’t be long and we’ll be into the summer. Here’s some useful links, or so we hope.

-The Red Sox may have earned the right to talk a little smack to the Yankees and their fans. [Boston Dirt Dogs]
-The Dodgers are awesome. They’ve won 12 in a row at home to start the season, tying an MLB record. [LA Times Sports Blog]
-Questioning Alex Rodriguez’s pitch tipping tendencies. [Circling the Bases]
-The Brewers have beaten the Pirates 17 straight times now. [MLB Fanhouse]
-A classic Keith Hernandez film, online for your viewing pleasure. [Bugs & Cranks]
-That lawsuit against Roberto Alomar has been dropped. [Deadspin]