Throwing it around: Manny Ramirez version

So pretty big news we’re in the wake of on this friday. Lets get some other takes on the Manny Ramirez suspension. This is big, world news. The guy is 17th on the all-time home run list. Another big fish falls in this crazy case.

– Bronson Arroyo: “At this point in his career and from what has gone on with testing and stuff since 2004, I’m surprised Manny got caught up in this, Manny likes to act pretty stupid, but he is a pretty bright guy who is definitely aware of a lot of things. He tried to act like he is completely oblivious, but he isn’t.” [The Real Mccoy]

– “I have no interest in tearing down Manny Ramirez but I also have no interest in defending him or getting off my ass and cheering him as 50,000 fans will do the day he comes back.” [True Blue LA]

-Jon Heyman: “‘Manny being Manny’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Fun antics or not, Manny is a drug cheat, just like the others.” [Sports Illustrated]

-On the substance Ramirez was using: “It is not an anabolic steroid but rather a fertility drug that is widely considered to be part of the chemical enhancement game played by athletes. The hormone is produced naturally by women during pregnancy and often is used by steroid users to reboot their body’s natural testosterone production coming off a steroid cycle. It is also associated in the sports and the bodybuilding communities with serious and prolonged steroid use.” [ESPN]

-A bunch of takes from LA Times writers. [Circling the Bases]