Throwing it around

Well it’s tuesday. And that happened. Bla bla bla. We hope you are having an enjoyable week. The baseball season rolls on, as does life. Here are some links we found interesting on this tuesday afternoon. Oh and if you’re sitting at a computer all day in your cube or just plain bored, support a good cause. VOTE Jay Bruce to the 2009 All Star Game. Do it often. Yes we’re pressuring you.

-Best case scenario for A-Rod’s return is friday. [River Avenue Blues]
-Well this is sad. Joba Chamberlain’s mother got busted trying to score Meth. [Sports Pros]
-This Padres commercial enforces the casual fan stereotype. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-Bobby Scales was called up to the Cubs after 11 years in the minors. Can you imagine? [Bleeding Cubbie Blue]
-Sponsoring pages on can be a lot of fun. Great site. [Bugs & Cranks]
-Matt Capps melted down last night, allowing Rickie Weeks a huge homer. [Bucs Dugout]
-After that most recent injury to Carlos Zambrano, the question is asked: should pitchers just pitch? [ESPN’s Sweetspot]
-Are the Yankees now just Red Sox wannabes? [MLB Fanhouse]
-Early reviews say that A-Rod’s new book is a little slow. [Deadspin]
-Checking back in with our friend Zach Hample, who was recently in Texas. [The Baseball Collector]