Throwing it around

December has sprung upon us and there is some snow on the ground. Baseball season seems so far away right about now, but it really will be here before we know it. Just two months and change until pitchers and catchers report. Are you ready? We sure are.

-A sneak preview tour of Citi Field. [MetsBlog]
-Citi Taxpayer Field, what a lousy name for a baseball venue. [Loge 13]
-Mike Hampton spurned the Atlanta Braves to re-sign with the Houston Astros. [Talking Chop]
-Teams are interested in Junior Griffey. More interestingly, National league teams. [Seattle PI Mariners blog]
-Javier Vazquez is an Atlanta Brave, as part of a 5-player deal. [ESPN]
-A prominent figure in Toronto Blue Jays baseball, Ted Rogers has died. [USA Today]
-John Kruk’s brutal honesty reveals he’d like to punch Karl Ravech in his face. [Awful Anouncing]