Throwing it around

Well here we are again to throw it around on all things MLB offseason. Today we touch some new places on the web. We feel like there needs to be more in this space. I mean we have to say something here. Bla bla bla, here’s some links won’t do. But it certainly would suffice. Enjoy the best we could find in today’s baseball links:

-The Cardinals are winners of the Khalil Greene sweepstakes and his .240 average he’ll have next season. Talk about unfulfilled potential. [MLB Fanhouse]
-About the couple of Indian guys the Pirates have signed. [Deadspin]
-Uh, yeah and those two Indian guys have a blog that kind of follows their process. [The $1,000,000 Arm]
-TIME magazine credits MLB with an invention that it never invented. [The Sporting Blog]
-The Dustin Pedroia extension could get the ball rolling in free agency. [Extra Bases]
-Buster Olney says that the market is a changin’ which could affect a lot about any potential Manny Ramirez deal. [Blue Notes]
-The Dodgers are about to sign the wrong guy. [Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness]