Throwing it around

It’s a football sunday, and we’re writing about baseball. Gotta pack the stat sheets full this offseason. Gotta work harder than any other baseball blog out there. Gonna be the best. Gotta bring you something more interesting and thought-provoking than the the next. We’ll see what we’ve found out in the wild wild blogosphere:

-A great Barry Bonds video. [YouTube]
-Five move that would create some sizzle this offseason. They mention Derek Lowe making the Reds contenders. I think Lowe goes back to Boston. [SI]
-Hank Steinbrenner has his eyes on bringing Manny Ramirez to the Yankees. [River Avenue Blues]
-Another great story about Josh Hamilton. [Preps Now]
-Yankees rumors on Teixeira, Mussina, and Manny. [MLB Trade Rumors]
-Deadspin dispatched to the Phillies World Series Championship Victory Parade. [Deadspin]