(Baseball) Things We're Thankful For

So Thanksgiving couldn’t have less to do with baseball. It’s here to promote the rival sport of football. Football, while a great sport; it leaves us aching for more pine tar and horse hide. But there are still things on this day that we can be thankful for in the way of the world’s greatest sport. And there is more talk everyday of the NFL having a labor work stoppage, so there’s hope that baseball can be the supreme power again.

Thing’s we’re thankful for:

-Jay Bruce
-Cueto, Volquez being young and throwing fucking rockets
-Great American Ballpark’s short porch
-No matter what record they finished, the Reds always getting opening day at home Great American Ballpark
-Fountain Square on opening day and Downtown Cincinnati excitement around that time
-Joey Votto’s experience and consistency for his age
-Committed ownership group like Bob Castellini who realizes the importance of a winning product (we think).
-My Reds authentic jersey and hat that my girlfriend steals from me.
-Being able to say I was there in 1990 when they won the whole dang thing
-Friends who like to go to ballgames as much as I do, and my girlfriend for allowing me to be such an addict for the sport.
-Skyline Chili
-A blog where I’m allowed all the gracious, homer-assed posts like this one that I desire.
-Each and every one of you readers who gives up valuable work time in your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

*Of course, we want to wish everyone and their family a safe and happy holiday season from Diamond Hoggers.