Reds bring back Mike Lincoln

The Cincinnati Reds have brought back Mike Lincoln for a 2-year, $4 million dollar deal. Lincoln is 34 years old but threw 70.1 innings last season for the Reds and posted a 4.48 ERA. That ain’t bad for the Reds.

It’s pretty obvious to me that the Reds are trying to create a deep and nasty bullpen that rivals one of those they had back when they were contenders relevant in 1999 and back in 1995 (remember Jeff Shaw?). They’ve been in talks with crafty lefty Denys Reyes, bringing back Dave Weathers (why), and also my favorite move as of yet, bringing in lefty Arthur Rhodes.

Now I’m sure that none of these moves are very significant to you as a common baseball fan, but for the Reds homers that read the site because we are Reds homers, we gotta show a little hometown love.