In Queens, the Willie gets Randolphed (at 3 am)

The Mets have fired Willie Randolph after a poor start and a collapse last season that saw a talented team miss the playoffs. The decision to do so was Omar Minaya’s (according to Omar Minaya) and came following a 9-6 win out in Anaheim that Randolph called a big win. It happened at 3:15 am eastern time, which surprised Randolph.

Aparently the Mets didn’t learn much from their football counterparts, the G-Men. If the Giants would have given in and fired Tom Coughlin; they would have never been Super Bowl champions.

And with that I will say that I think it’s a bad decision for the Mets to not give Randolph the rest of the season. I always thought the guy knew baseball, but aparently the dominican players on the Mets did not. They were a key in getting this guy canned.

You think that Jerry Manuel is gonna pull the Mets out of this pit? I don’t see it. The Mets jumped the gun on this one, although I don’t know if Randolph will be getting another managerial job anytime soon.

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