John Mclaren joins the unemployment line

The Seattle Mariners made a managerial change today, firing John Mclaren after he posted a 68-88 record in parts of two seasons as skipper of the M’s.

Ya know, I never knew much about this John Mclaren in the first place, and that’s usually a bad thing. I do however like the Mariners choice in a replacement, Jim Riggleman. I remember Riggleman as manager of the Chicago Cubs and he fit that team perfectly. He just had a shitty team–for whatever that is worth.

I think Riggleman knows how to win ballgames at this level, and the Mariners could be in a lot worse shape as far as interim managers go: see New York Mets.

Keep an eye on the M’s and see if they don’t make a run now that Captain Riggleman is steering the ship.