We’re Going to Shea! We’re Going to Shea! Woooooo

We were supposed to head out east next weekend, meet up with our pal and head to Yankee stadium. I’ve said since before this season started that I was going to: 1) see Yankee Stadium one last time before it falls to the ground; and 2) I had a dying quest to get to Shea Stadium. We won’t be getting to go to Yankee Stadium on Memorial day weekend; our trip was cancelled. But we’ve topped it.

We’re headed to New York June 20th to 24th to see our REDS play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, and then to top it off we’ll see the Mets play at Shea Stadium on monday the 24th. We have wanted to go to Shea Stadium since we were a little boy, when Darryl Strawberry tore up the right field bleachers with blasts. All the history, all the great games. The orange seats. Queens. Flushing. It’s too much for us.

Hopefully Jay Bruce is up with the big league Reds by then and holding it down in center for them at Yankee Stadium.