Prayers from your Diamond Hogger family; Dunner

We heard something very sad tonight from a source of ours. Adam Dunn was pulled from tonight’s ballgame in the 4th inning. We were scared to death that he was traded. It turns out it’s something equally bad.

Dunn’s young son Brandon (not even 2 years of age) had a seizure. Aparently it was very scary/serious but he is going to be alright. I can only imagine the feelings that Adam is feeling tonight.

There’s plenty of things in life that make you realize baseball is just a game. I feel like in an indirect way I’ve grown up with Adam Dunn. I remember him before he had a wife and kid who I know are his whole world. I know how I’d feel if it were my son.

Would just like to say that every prayer I can send out tonight is for Adam and his family. God Bless you Adam and Brandon most importantly. Diamond Hoggers is thinking about you.