#250 part of a blaze of glory

In case you didn’t hear it; Adam Dunn is putting the Reds on his back and single-handedly saving them. Dunn’s 250th home run of his career was a memorable blast last to right field last night, off the legendary closer Trevor Hoffman. It allowed the Reds to escape what would have been a 5 game losing streak. It was also Dunn’s 5th homer in a 7 day span, the 2nd of which was a game winner.

We actually heard a rumor that something big was about to happen that would rattle the Reds clubhouse in the way of a change. We of course, hope and pray that the Godfather of Diamond Hoggers has nothing to do with it; but we do realize that with every homer (and he now has a 9-game hitting streak) he adds value to himself. But we wanna keep that thought as far from our minds as possible right now.

Adam Dunn has reached a minor milestone, 250 career home runs. We remember almost every single one of them. We’re just hoping that he hits 250 as a member of the Reds. 250 was a majestic blast postmarked for the bleachers in right at Petco (where he hit career homer #83 off David Wells, and don’t forget #197 off Jake Peavy!)

The bottom line is Adam Dunn looks passionate again, we were wrong. Adam Dunn looks like he’s having fun, and he looks like a leader on this young ballclub. When he hits them…. we all know he hits them in bunches.

We aren’t sure if this is still towards the beginning or nearing the end; or even somewhere in between. We have no idea how much longer we’ll be able to enjoy the Godfather of Diamond Hoggers as a Red, but the lovefest continues. We hope Dunner retires a Red, but if this indeed was the beginning of the end, (his no-trade clause is lifted June 15) it’s been a blaze of glory.

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