2008 should be Bailey's year

I want to dedicate the first post of 2008 to a guy who should make this his year. Last year Homer Bailey burst onto the scene as a 21 year old; and was one of the youngest players to appear in the big leagues last season. He got a couple of wins and got his feet wet but had all the pressure in the world on him.

I think in 2008 we’re going to see Bailey really learn and grow into a solid big league pitcher who contributes and makes the Reds a Cinderella club.

It takes time to develop a good young pitcher. The Reds invested a very high draft choice in this kid to make him a future ace in their rotation. Along with Arroyo, Harang, and the young arm acquired in the Josh Hamilton trade; I think that Bailey is going to get the Reds back to respectability. He’ll begin to blossom into a guy who if healthy, can compete for the ERA title and Cy Young year in and year out. I don’t see him as a 200 K a year guy; at least not for a long time. I do see him as a guy who can dial it up and jam hitters, while using his fielders. If he has an ERA anywhere under 4.00 in that ballpark with that lineup, he’ll have success.

Hopefully sometime in October I can do a wrap-up post on Bailey’s year and talk about 15 wins and 20+ quality starts that he gave the Reds.