It can cause a man to question his fandom to a sport

So long; Natural.
It could cause me someday to no longer be a fan. The attachments to certain players; in my favorite team’s uniform. Then all of the sudden it is never again. When I got the email tonight that read in the subject line ‘Reds acquire pitching from Rangers’, and I opened it to see that Josh Hamilton had been dealt for two unproven minor league pitchers; I had to read it twice. Three times. Back over it again. I’m hoping then anything can take it back. But it can’t. Josh Hamilton is gone. Gone as I know it; other than a passing glance in the box score or on the highlight reel. No longer can I go to the park and hope to talk to Josh; the most personable player I’ve ever seen (save Sean Casey) in my time as a fan.

What happened tonight makes me sick. It makes me want to have a few good minutes with Wayne Krivsky. I don’t respect the man; and I don’t believe in him at the helm of my favorite baseball team. Here you have a young player who hits .300 and shows good power to all fields while being an exceptional talent in his rookie season. He was the finest story in all of baseball last year; maybe in the last several decades. However, Krivsky couldn’t wait to serve up Hamilton for the first couple of prospects he could. Hamilton was dangled and offered in every deal that there was opportunity for. I knew, the time was nearing; because where there is smoke there is fire in this game. It would not go away; the name would not go away. Hamilton’s name was continually rumored to be shipped one-way out of town. This would be following the departure of the two men who were instrumental in getting him back in baseball; Johnny and Jerry Narron.

The guy could do it all. Power to the opposite field like I’ve never seen. An arm like a greek god; speed in the outfield and on the basepaths. It pains me to know this will never be realized while wearing the wishbone “C”.

You watch; these two young Texas arms the Reds acquired will be kicking around the major leagues in a few years; struggling to stick somewhere. They’ll be journeyman at best. Not that I know the destiny for Josh Hamilton; but it would have been nice to see him chase it in the Queen city; where for one season he was all the buzz and the biggest story each night from the spring training games into the warm summer nights.

No matter what happens; I’ll never forget having the privlidge to watch Hamilton play in my major league city for a summer. In some small way; he allowed me to be a part of it. For that, I’ll always pull for Josh.