Attention Dippers

I read some very exciting news the other day in the newspaper, a new brand of dip is hitting the market. Philip Morris is coming out with a Marlboro smokeless tobacco product. This has only been released in Texas and Atlanta which may indicate the largest tobacco chewing areas in the United States. Needless to say I am anxiously waiting for this Marlboro tin to make its way to the Northeast.

Currently, there are two flavors out, original and wintergreen (my personal favorites) which come in long and fine cut. The current selling price is about $3 per tin but this may vary by state. In CT Skoal tins sell for around $5 and I expect the Marlboro tin to be around the same price, especially since it is premium cut tobacco. I consider premium tobacco to be a moist, long-lasting, flavorful sweetness, which leaves your gums intact with your teeth. Although Skoal is my go-to tin, I like to venture out and try other brands and flavors in order to mix it up.

If anyone has tried this new product, Diamond Hoggers would love to hear your feedback, so please leave us your comments.

Way to go. Dipshit.

Above pictured is Milton Bradley. Finally his temper fucked him over. This is what almost a decade of reckless abandon and tirades will do to someone. You can’t live your life so hostile and angry or you will be scorned. In a season that began with me taking him in my fantasy baseball draft; because Bradley is in a contract year and I thought he’d deliver huge for the Oakland Athletics, he ends up in another California city with his season ending due to a temper tantrum. I think it’s the funniest shit that has happened all season long, not to mention the fact that it’s the strangest injury I ever remember happening.

Milton, if you should ever read this I offer the following advice: quit being such a bitch. Simmer. Your hot temper has now ran you out of Montreal, Cleveland, and most likely 3 mlb cities in California. Just knock it off.

Some people are just too high strung.

Indians Clinch 2007 Central Division Championship

I remember way back in April when I wrote that I thought the Indians would clinch the division. I really felt this was their year. They’ve just got a special team and a ton of character and it seems to be someone different every single night for this team. Now there will be a playoff series in Cleveland for the first time since I was a freshman in college. 10 years after their most recent World Series run, October postseason baseball returns to Jacobs Field. It’s been a long journey and 92 wins later the Cleveland Indians are the Central Division Champions. There will be full playoff coverage here at Diamond Hoggers of every postseason ballgame. Who knows, maybe I’ll even score tickets to a game.

The Indians were led by their star Grady Sizemore, who has played in every ballgame this season. Sizemore had 4 hits on the day in 4 at bats, 2 RBI and a triple.

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The Milk Man Delivers

Thanks to Melky Cabrera’s 10th inning single, the Yankees were able to pull out an extra innings victory against the Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday. Although they won, this was a somewhat painful game to watch. There were a lot of ups and downs but it was surprising to see the Yankees bullpen surrender eight runs in two innings. Lately the Yankee bullpen has been on fire, posting strong outings and looking ready for the playoffs. This poor bullpen performance left a bad taste in the mouth of Yankees fans and question marks continue to linger.

This was an important victory non the less, especially since Boston won against Tampa Bay. Now the Yankees remain 2 ½ games out of first place. They have the momentum and confidence to take first place from the Red Sox, they are not the type of team to settle for the wild card. I think the Yankees can win the division and have one of the biggest comeback seasons in baseball history. Regardless of how the Yankees finish this season I think all baseball fans have learned one thing, never count the Yankees out.

Bailey returns to win 3rd career game

Homer Bailey looks like he’s going to be a fixture in the Reds rotation for years to come. The 21 year old right hander tossed 5 and 2/3 innings of 3 hit, 1 run baseball and struck out 3 San Francisco Giants to earn his 3rd victory of his career, and putting him at 3-2 on his first season.

He showcased a fastball that was topping out at 96-97 mph and showed command of his changeup and curveball that kept the skeleton-crew lineup of the San Francisco Giants off balance for most of the night.

I honestly think this kid along with Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo could be huge reasons why the Reds will be in the playoffs in their next run. He’s got a Cy Young award or two in his future.

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Reds @ Giants (Homer Bailey) Liveblog

10:20 pm- we pick the action up a bit late, but Dunner is at the plate with Norris Hopper on first base. Ken Griffey Jr. is out for the season. 3-2 count on Dunn right now. Dunn walks.

10:24 pm- that was walk #100 for Adam Dunn on the season. Another fine season of 40 HR/100 RBI/100 BB for Adam Dunn. Edwin Encarnacion flies out to center field to end the inning. After 1/2 inning it’s Reds 0 Giants 0.

10:26 pm- No Bonds tonight thank god. Homer has a chance to succeed.

10:27 pm- Rajai Davis flies out to center field. 1 down.

10:28 pm- There is no radar gun going tonight. That’s terrific. The kid looks like he’s throwing smoke but who could even tell. Base hit up the box. Valez is on first.

10:30 pm- Homer is throwing the ball hard but right down the dick. This was his problem in his last outing. Valez steals 2nd and it is 2-1 to Randy Winn. Winn walks, same old shit from Homer Bailey. Free passes have killed this kid at the major and minor league level. Let’s roll a double play here kid.

10:33 pm- Ryan Klesko hits a shot to RF Coats. 2 down.

Dunn's historic Wrigley blast not enough; Reds lose 3-2

Adam Dunn made history last night, becoming the first Cincinnati Reds ballplayer ever to hit 40 homeruns in 4 consecutive seasons. Dunn is also the only Major Leaguer who is currently holding that distinction.

Dunn’s towering blast to right field just stayed fair inside the foul pole, and was off Cubs Starter Ted Lilly; aka the Dirtball. The Cubs hung on for a 3-2 win and took over first place in the National league central division.

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Our Natural, done for the year

Josh Hamilton makes his third and final trip to the disabled list this season, this one being the dagger that ends it. It was a season of marvel for our Natural, one in which he hit nearly .300 and 19 homeruns. Over a full season, if he can get past our one concern for him; he can probably surpass 40 homeruns and 120 RBI’s. The sky really is the limit. More than anything this guy really made us start loving the game again for the right reasons. As the Reds wind down this final month, I’m looking forward to the next several seasons with this guy roaming center field for us.

He was a major question mark coming into this season, could he take the biggest step and defeat the demons that so many of us out in the world face; indeed he did it.

Guns don't kill people, Adam Dunn kills people!

If indeed this was the final multi-homerun ballgame of Adam Dunn’s Cincinnati Reds career (and it could be because Wayne Krivsky is a monotone, arrogant, moron), it was a fine one. Dunn hit a solo shot to right field in his first at bat and in his second trip to the plate he hit a grand slam, and if your keeping score at home, he owns Mark Mulder. 7-2 Reds win. Hurrah.

Dunn also is over the 100 RBI mark, now with 101 on the season. With nearly 20 games to play he needs just 2 more to set a career high.