Reds @ Giants (Homer Bailey) Liveblog

10:20 pm- we pick the action up a bit late, but Dunner is at the plate with Norris Hopper on first base. Ken Griffey Jr. is out for the season. 3-2 count on Dunn right now. Dunn walks.

10:24 pm- that was walk #100 for Adam Dunn on the season. Another fine season of 40 HR/100 RBI/100 BB for Adam Dunn. Edwin Encarnacion flies out to center field to end the inning. After 1/2 inning it’s Reds 0 Giants 0.

10:26 pm- No Bonds tonight thank god. Homer has a chance to succeed.

10:27 pm- Rajai Davis flies out to center field. 1 down.

10:28 pm- There is no radar gun going tonight. That’s terrific. The kid looks like he’s throwing smoke but who could even tell. Base hit up the box. Valez is on first.

10:30 pm- Homer is throwing the ball hard but right down the dick. This was his problem in his last outing. Valez steals 2nd and it is 2-1 to Randy Winn. Winn walks, same old shit from Homer Bailey. Free passes have killed this kid at the major and minor league level. Let’s roll a double play here kid.

10:33 pm- Ryan Klesko hits a shot to RF Coats. 2 down.