Way to go. Dipshit.

Above pictured is Milton Bradley. Finally his temper fucked him over. This is what almost a decade of reckless abandon and tirades will do to someone. You can’t live your life so hostile and angry or you will be scorned. In a season that began with me taking him in my fantasy baseball draft; because Bradley is in a contract year and I thought he’d deliver huge for the Oakland Athletics, he ends up in another California city with his season ending due to a temper tantrum. I think it’s the funniest shit that has happened all season long, not to mention the fact that it’s the strangest injury I ever remember happening.

Milton, if you should ever read this I offer the following advice: quit being such a bitch. Simmer. Your hot temper has now ran you out of Montreal, Cleveland, and most likely 3 mlb cities in California. Just knock it off.

Some people are just too high strung.